We all know how much John Giduck loves to flaunt his relationship with the Special Operations Association (SOA) – a group of real men that have done real things in real situations and not just attended a commercial summer camp and donated $10,000 to join the SOA as John Giduck did.

Well, just today, there has been some interesting movement with regards to the formal John Giduck – Special Operations Association relationship.

First, paperwork has just been filed in Colorado removing the SOA’s status as a foreign corporation but apparently still identifying John Giduck as the registered agent for the Association.


Additionally, the SOA has removed the book, “Terror At Beslan”, from its list of recommended members reading list.  “Terror at Beslan” was written by SOA honorary member but also POW Network-listed military poser, John Giduck as well. The book was listed as being recommended for members as late as this past Sunday, 25 March 2012.

While one has to applaud the Special Operations Association for suddenly taking these small positive steps, I still wonder why the SOA has not cut their ties with this poser completely.


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