ohhhhh boy…..this one is a doozie. There seems to be substantial evidence that John Giduck has once again photoshopped himself into a photo.  The big problem is that the photo involved is John Giduck’s signature “Terror In Beslan” photo.

Normally this would not even be a question…but we have evidence that shows that John Giduck seems to have previously photoshopped himself into a photo in Afghanistan.

Here are the two photos in question (posted using the copyright fair use exception for criticism..given the apparently poor photoshop work it should be using the satire clause)


The above photo was taken from john Giduck’s own blog site in the photo gallery section.


so there is no possibility that I could have have modified the photo above, it is taken from the link where you can download it and zoom in using your own photo software.


Lets look at the similarities in what appear to be photoshop artifacts in both images.

Both photos have an ghost outline apparently taken against a colored background that has not been fully erased.

and also there is a black spot to the viewer’s left and above the graffiti but it is plainly visible in the John Giduck beslan photo.  What isn’t visible is the black spot that exactly matches the outline of John Giduck’s left ear…and then suddenly stops.

Again, we welcome you to examine the original of either photo. You’ll find more of what appear to be photoshop artifacts around John Giduck’s inner leg as well.

My opinion is that there is a high probability that the Beslan photo was modified with photo editing software.  What is yours?

All intellectual property on this page is copyright of their owner.  Images posted under fair use exceptions – criticism is a generally allowed fair use.


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