Hmm…I wonder why Archangel consultant and moonlighting Chester PA Police Commissioner Bail would suddenly take down his official biography.


10 APRIL 2012 UPDATE:  A sharp eyed reader noted that Joe Bail’s bio is back up  now but in a different spot (the link is in the comments).  Perhaps “Big Joe” is not cutting ties just now (or perhaps the Russian spymasters said “nyet” )…they didn’t use his Yoda photo either…they made “steely and barrel chested” look “bleary eyed and barrel bellied“.

Is Joseph “Yoda” “Joe” Bail cutting ties with fellow Archangel Group teller of tall tales consultant John Giduck?

Look at all of the John Giduck stuff in Joe Bail’s official bio:

Joseph Bail, Jr. Studied Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated Widener University’s Paralegal Studies Program. He has also served as Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at Delaware County Community College. Commissioner Bail retired from the City of Chester Police Department where he had been employed for thirty-nine years, with the rank of Major and has recently been restored to his new position within Mayor Linder’s Administration to add direction, experience, focus, and continuing education to the Department.
Commissioner Bail is a CALEA certified Instructor in several fields and has lectured to national and international Special Operations personnel. In addition to his field expertise, the Commissioner has also presented at several educational institutions focusing on school violence and tactical terrorism preparation. As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations, he has travelled to Russia following the Beslan school crisis on a fact finding trip for the book “Terror at Beslan” with the author, John Giduck. Commissioner Bail is currently the only active American Law Enforcement Officer to interview the Russian Special Forces personnel that responded to the Beslan massacre.

Commissioner Bail, along with John Giduck, has also travelled to Mumbai, India, Ma’Lot, Isreal, and several other areas subjected to terrorist events to assess the information and training needed for American police.

Commissioner Bail serves as legacy to the civic commitment of his late father Commissioner Joseph Bail Sr., and in proud tribute to his future generations, both daughter and grandson, also born and raised in the great City of Chester, PA.

The cache of Joe Bail’s bio is still available though here,b1de4b0e&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=9DGWY8D4ZOuUXqhpT5Jv5Q–