John Giduck makes very clear to us the he was trained by Spetsnaz in a wide variety of topics and, if not trained by, then informally associated with Russia intelligence services.  He even now is admitting that he brought groups over for such training but also infers that he had other “experiences” outside of those.  What’s good Russian training without a lesson in misleading propaganda?

POW Network listed military poser John Giduck has been subtly misleading you for years. How? When challenged or asked difficult questions about his fuzzy operational credentials gained in Russia, John Giduck has claimed that others have made the claims and then quietly removed those same credentials from his current bio.

Examples include counter-terrorism “expert” and the VITYAZ anti-terror training certificate.  The differences in today’s bios are markedly different in tone from those published prior to 2011.

John Giduck never mentions almost never mentions himself within the context of “counter-terrorism” in his bios anymore.   There are very few people engaged in counterterrorism operations as there is a very unique skillset and a very long training pipeline associated with counterterrorism.  John Giduck is not one of them.  This skillset is almost gained as a result of having served in a dedicated counterterrorism unit.

Let’s look at some of the previous counter terrorism claims no longer appearing on John Giduck’s bio.

John Giduck, terrorism/counter terrorism expert

This used to be a fairly comment addition to John Giduck’s bio.  Now, it’s never mentioned.  Why? because it’s laughable untrue…but, until called on it, it was an easy way to mislead you.

He is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations

The VITYAZ certificate was a fundamental part of John Giduck’s bio until 2012 when it was definitively exposed to have been gained in a commercial one week military summer camp environment in Russia. The VITYAZ certificate claim is literally on dozens of John Giduck bios prior to 2012.  This makes it more interesting that this certificate no longer is included on the official John Giduck blog site.

The certificate was there to mislead you into thinking that John Giduck was somehow certified to conduct actual operations.  He isn’t.

To be clear, I believe that John Giduck was instructed in a wide range of espionage, counter espionage, and sabotage training topics while in Russia due to his friendships with high level members of the KGB. I also believe that John Giduck may have been presented with a VITYAZ certificate.  The problem is that running through a military unit’s obstacle course and driving around in a Russian armored personnel carrier isn’t counter-terrorism training even when the training is provided by a counter terrorism unit.

I will say that it all sounds good enough to make people that hold government security clearances feel comfortable enough to pass their work history, personally identifying information, and other information to Archangel Group without knowing that Archangel has several consultants such as john Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov in a likely position to pass that information directly to Russian intelligence.  Crafty. But, I digress…

What makes the certificate funnier is that the summer camp training was in most cases provided by the Archangel Group and other organizations owned by John Giduck.  But, John Giduck is standing by his training by adding to the narrative that he has done other training with Russian Spetsnaz units in addition to the summer camp sessions.

Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that John Giduck doesn’t have some of the most basic qualifications for the security industry listed on his bio like CPP? Are we willing to accept VITYAZ but not note that John Giduck isn’t a CPP? Isn’t that how propaganda and con games work?



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