This is the first of a series of blog posts with specifics about how John Giduck and Archangel Group work to deceive you.  That’s you, the reader….you see, John Giduck actually believes that you can’t see through his tricks. We know you can.

The primary John Giduck trick is to do what I call, “letting you (the reader) fill in the gaps”.  John Giduck (usually through third parties) presents two separate things – one of which is true….but John Giduck lets you connect them…with help from his friends (the usual suspects), of course….all while he hides like a scared child behind a woman’s skirt.

What’s true in the below example?  Archangel Group assembled some people to investigate the Virginia Tech school shooting.

What’s misleading?  The inference that some group outside of Archangel asked for the input of the Archangel team.

Here is our first example. John Giduck and various members of the Archangel Group describe their Virginia Tech analysis as being part of a group of experts especially called to provide their expertise on the Virginia Tech shooting.  Let’s first look at what Archangel employees say and then look at what the truth is.

First, let’s hear from John Giduck himself:

Anti-terrorism expert John Giduck, formerly of Aston, a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group in Colorado, said he has been asked to join a team of experts retained to immediately begin an evaluation/assessment of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Therefore, he said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on that situation and its specifics.

Archangel Consultant Joe Bail even gets in on the act when he apparently isn’t moonlighting as Police Commissioner in Chester, PA

We want to be able to train officers, to let officers know this is what you might face from a police standpoint,  said Chester Police Capt. Joseph Bail, who was part of a three-member team of experts retained to conduct an assessment of the tragedy for the anti-terrorism Archangel Group, based in Colorado.

Jim Hetrick who normally cant wait to get his pants to half mast and bend over  is usually busy selling out his peers to those who buy influence with the SOA serves as John Giduck’s cock holster mouthpiece, says the following on John Giduck SOCNet Boo Hoo Lies site:

As a side note, Mr. Giduck and Archangel were asked to put together a team to do an analysis at Virginia Tech. They arrived the day after the incident and in the mean time, the Governor of Virginia decided to form a commission to study the incident. Archangel Group continued with their investigation and analysis at their own expense

Are the above statements true?  in the most technical sense, yes.  Are the above statements misleading?  Definitely.

Here is the truth

The only group asking Archangel group to provide experts to analyze the Virginia Tech shooting was..wait for it….Archangel Group.  The Archangel Group was never a part of the official investigation nor was their input solicited.

[Archangel Group] did not receive external funding to conduct the report and it was not requested by Virginia Tech, the state or any other agency. Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said he received the report in an e-mail from a colleague early this month.

See how the barrage of statements from Archangel Group and John Giduck seem to be intentionally misleading?  There are enough of these examples that we’ll showcase many more in this blog post series.

John Giduck already has a John Giduck page on the POW Network wall of shame for military posers.

You deserve to know the truth and consider if there is intent to continue to mislead you.  Why?  Money….and primarily tax money.  That’s your money.  I believe that there is an intentional campaign to mislead you about who is asking for John Giduck and the qualifications/credentials that John Giduck brings to the table.

I think that you’ll see that you are being misled too.


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