Another misleading statement about John Giduck.  This time by Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail. Are you really surprised?  It seems like a normal day for Team Delusional Team Giduck or their Russian spymasters that could be pulling their strings.

Much like the Russian Czars, POW Network confirmed military poser John Giduck thinks that no one should question his credentials…even if he’s already been caught fibbing about his military credentials.

John Giduck wants you to continue to believe that he has counterterrorism operations experience.  The truth is that John Giduck doesn’t have any such experience…that’s the reason behind the misleading statements.

So, in this example, how does John Giduck make the misleading statement?  He doesn’t.  John Giduck has his friend, Joseph Bail,  knowingly make the misleading statements for him and John Giduck fools you through a third party.  Remember that Joe Bail is an Archangel Group consultant and has a financial interest in John Giduck too.

In short, Joe Bail starts the lie. You either believe the lie, don’t believe the lie and remain silent, or (like me) call John Giduck on it.  John Giduck then claims that he never said it.  Until called on them, the misleading statements seem true.  Nice trick, eh?  You’ll see dozens of examples posted in the Site Map of this blog.

If Joe Bail ever testified on the stand against me, well, let’s just say that I already know what I would ask him to answer under oath….but I digress…

John Giduck wants you to believe in this mythical experience so much that he is claiming that through his mouthpiece site, SOCNET Boo Hoo Lies people are twisting the words of others

But it seems that’s operating procedure for those who have taken issue with Dr John Giduck. Take something someone else has said and misrepresent it to try and make your point.

Let’s look at the words of Archangel Group consultant, Joseph “Joe” Bail who happens to apparently moonlight as the Police Commissioner of Chester, Pennsylvania when not working for Archangel:

Chester Police Sergeant Joe Bail, who is supervisor of the Chester Police Department Narcotics Division and heads the city’s SWAT team, has worked with Giduck for several years.  “John is probably one of the most dedicated and serious individuals I have ever met who is involved in any type of counter-terrorists [sic] operations,” Sgt. Bail said. 

“He’s a remarkable man who has terrific insight for people and the entire mindset of who he is dealing with,” he added. “He has done extensive research in the militant terrorists operations.”  Sgt. Bail was a consultant with Giduck on his book.

So, is it twisting words to say that Joe Bail is misleading you about John  Giduck’s overall credentials by saying that John Gidusk is “involved in counterterrorist operations”?  In my opinion, such a clear statement is misleading.

Here is what I would ask to clarify the above statement…

In what counterrorism operations would John Giduck have been involved with (in 2005 when the above article was published or any other year)? What role has John Giduck ever played in any counter-terrorist operation? Does arriving days or months after a terrorist event constitute “operational involvement” in some way?

The only misrepresentation here seems to be on the part of Police Commissioner Joseph Bail – who incidentally has no counter terrorism experience himself either but apparently is ok with using his tax payer paid position in Chester Pennsylvania to to drive business to Archangel Group (the organization that pays his consulting fees).

Why does Joseph Bail seem to want to mislead his fellow police officer brothers and members of the military?  I don’t know but money in the form of consulting, training, and speaking engagements seems like one reasonable reason.

The fact that John Giduck has introduced Joe Bail and retired Special Forces SGM John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson  to high level FSB/KGB Russian intelligence officials and the Russians are now calling the shots could be another. Buyer beware…I have heard that the Russians can be demanding task masters.

Regardless, I do believe that all of them are actively working to mislead YOU for some compelling reason. There is no shortage of statements by John Giduck and his circle as well as about John Giduck. The reason really doesn’t matter…


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