John Giduck thinks that he is a smart guy. To him, you and I are just the “little people” that provide money for his bank account.  But, we may not be the only ones paying John Giduck or for whom he and other Archangel Group consultants provide services.  Let’s work through another possible hypothetical case to consider…together.

John Giduck

POW Network listed military poser John Giduck wants you to think that he’s a lot of things: “good guy”, “disruptive thinker”, “author”,  etc.  Having you connect the dots on certain things is also in John Giduck’s financial interest. For instance, “special forces firearms instructor”, numerous false comments (by others, of course) that John Giduck is Special Forces,  and being author of “The Green Beret In You” might make you believe that John Giduck is somehow secretly a former or retired Special Forces soldier.

Here is one connection that John Giduck likely does NOT want you to make: Archangel Group is in a perfect place to provide Russian intelligence with information about local US police tactics and biographical information about people involved in Homeland Security planning and operations. Are they involved in such activities? I don’t know but the executive level of Archangel employees and consultants such as John Giduck, John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson, and Joseph “Joe” Bail have had enough contact with senior Russian intelligence officials to make such activities possible.

If you are a US law enforcement officer, you may be thinking that the Russians have little interest in your tactics or other information. Oh, but they do. How do I know this? From Archangel Group themselves.

Archangel Group teaches a particularly interesting training course within the context of John Giduck’s foreign training and US law enforcement contacts:

Counters to Traditional Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics 
Based on the training of Russian Spetsnaz units tasked to infiltrate foreign countries. These units study the standard law enforcement defensive tactics and shooting skills of all target countries. Each has studied extensively those systems commonly taught and utilized by U.S. law enforcement. This course provides important information on the vulnerabilities of those tactics used by most American police and military for their own survival.

So, lets look at what we have in Archangel Group

– We now know that Russian Spetsnaz units are interested in US law enforcement tactics

– Archangel Group has former Russian Spetsnaz operators on their staff as well as Americans such as John Giduck, Joe Bail, and Andy Anderson that claim to have trained on multiple occasions with the same units.

– Archangel Group routinely interacts with US law enforcement organizations and personnel as part of their training and seminars as well as with ongoing personal friendships with members of the law enforcement community. Archangel Group consultants such as Joe Bail provide legitimacy to fellow police officers who may not know that they have developed relationships with Russian intelligence officers.

– Archangel Group has access to biographical and professional details of those that attend their training and seminars making it conceivable that they can spot others potentially open to recruitment by professional Russian intelligence officers

This all begins to fit together quite easily as one possible answer to our question. Incidentally, John Giduck also likely has had access to biographical details of former and current Special Operations personnel through his pro bono work with the Special Operations Association (SOA). Sweet!  Think the Russians wouldn’t want that list?

Still think that this is all too far fetched?  Let’s look at the recent 2010 Russian spy case where we had Russian spies in the US who were not passing classified information at all…just information about policies and contacts….

According to the FBI, some of the people the accused spies met with include a former legislative counsel for U.S. Congress, a former high ranking U.S. government national security official, a person working on bunker busting nuclear warheads, and a New York financier who is prominent in politics and a major fundraiser for an un-named political party.

Their long-range assignment from Moscow: burrow deep into U.S. society and cultivate contacts with academics, entrepreneurs and government policymakers on subjects from defense to finance.

Think that similar sets of peoples aren’t in Archangel training?

In one message that was decrypted by the FBI the message allegedly sent to Chapman and Semenko said, “You were sent to USA for long term service trip. Your education, bank accounts, car, house ect… -all these serve one goal: fulfil your main mission, i.e to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US to send intel [intelligence reports] to C. [center]”

Alexander Vassiliev, a former KGB officer and journalist who has written extensively about Soviet spying in America, said the illegals were supposed to act as talent spotters and scouts, identifying Americans in positions of power who might be recruited to spill secrets for financial reasons or through blackmail. Spies with the protection of diplomatic credentials would handle the more delicate task of recruiting and handling the agents.

and also this very interesting nugget about sleeper agents…

Most will fail to get anywhere significant. That’s the point.

In effect the Rusians are hedging their bets, being busy on short-term tactics but also investing in long-term strategy.

Some of these people might hit the jackpot and get a job in a sensitive facility, or marry someone whose close friend is in a sensitive facility, or be part of a local community where people who work in sensitive facilities hang out.

The sleepers need not get results by acquiring information. They may do very well for the Russians by helping spot weaknesses (“Joe Jones’s cousin Fred works in the Pentagon comms centre and is having a messy divorce and drinking problems. Mary Kennick’s husband knows someone in the White House protocol team who has heavy gambling debts…”).

Lastly, it’s odd how quickly that the SOA, Special Forces Association (SFA), and retired Special Forces senior NCOs such as SGM Anderson and MSG Hetrick would abandon a currently serving Special Forces MSG whi was awarded the Silver Star in Afghanistan simply for questioning how John Giduck became a member of the SOA.  This next quote about the loyalty of those in service of Russian intelligence might fit that narrative

One of the suspects in an alleged Russian spy ring has confessed – and said he would never betray the ‘Service’, not even for his own son.

The man calling himself Juan Lazaro admitted to federal agents that he worked for Russia’s intelligence service, prosecutors said last night.

He said that, although he loved his child, ‘he would not violate his loyalty to the “Service”, even for his son,’ court documents revealed.

Again, only the proper authorities would be able to determine if John Giduck or Archangel group is involved in such activities. My opinion is that there is opportunity and motive to do so given the relationships between Archangel group leadership and consultants.

One can only hope that the truth comes to way or the other.


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