Together, we’ve learned a lot about John Giduck over the past few months. We’ve been able to document a wide range of misleading statements, outright lies, and “unusual activities” often involving other Archangel Group consultants.  Now, it’s time to revisit a key statement made by Archangel Group Co-founder SGM John “Andy” Anderson early on to understand it better within the context we now have. I think it reads like pure fiction..perhaps you will too.

No better place to start than at the beginning for Part 1.  John “Andy” Anderson wrote a post that found it’s way over to the SOCNETLies website.  In it, SGM Anderson seems more butthurt than Ryan Seacrest’s assistant that people (like me for instance) were questioning John Giduck‘s operational credentials. These questions arose as a result of public monies involved in Archangel group training and clear irregularities in John Giduck’s claims…

To properly orient the reader, John Anderson’s original post is presented in its entirety over two blog posts.  This first post sets the stage while the truly misleading statements are in the second blog post.  SGM Anderson’s post is in the italics.

Let’s get started with SGM Anderson’s post

Despite the fact that I am more then qualified I was denied access to the SOCNET website and I am now demanding this reply is published.

Funny how this part was left off the SOCNETLies version of the “unedited post” that was published. I’ll bet that by the end of this blog, SGM Anderson will wish that his post had not been all.  He looks silly knowing what we know today.

I am writing in response to your recent attacks on a good friend and co-worker, John Giduck. I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Archangel, a non-profit entity that exists to provide anti-terror consulting and training to U.S. law enforcement, military and government agencies, for which John works. I am also a retired Sergeant Major and 25 year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces. I served two tours in Vietnam, working with such units as CCN (Command and Control North) and the 4th Corp Mike Force and worked and operated in 50 countries. Since leaving the military I have spent the interim 15 years serving America in high level federal security positions, including work with Archangel. I am a lifetime member of both the SFA and SOA.

Blah. Blah. Blah.  Anything but the quiet professional. That said, all of the above will become important later on across the two blog posts in this series. Oh, and Archangel isn’t “a high level federal security position”…

It is from this background that I am writing to express my outrage for myself and Archangel at the mistruths and half-truths of you and your co-horts in not only questioning, but maligning the good reputation of our organization and Mr. John Giduck.

So, SGM Anderson starts by saying that John Giduck is beyond questioning. We are not even allowed to question John Giduck’s credentials even when so obviously false.  The true outrage here is that all of the questions about John Giduck’s credentials could have been cleared up in 5 minutes with a cameraphone if he’d actually done the things that he claimed. I would ask SGM Anderson: Didn’t you serve 25 years in the US military for the right to free speech? or only for the right to speech that you approve of?

Since, after making every effort to destroy his reputation you are now asking for information on his qualifications

Yes, we are asking for information on his qualifications. You seem to have inverted the cause and effect here.  If John Giduck’s credentials are as claimed, why would such questions “destroy [John Giduck’s] reputation”? I’d say he’d have nothing to worry about by coming clean. Oh, I guess they would destroy his reputation if his claims were proven untrue… 

It’s been months since the questions started and John Giduck hasn’t provided a single shred of proof beyond a clearly faked certificate in Russian, a few photos demostrably from commercial adventure camps,  and a Certificate of Appreciation which SGM Anderson and every other SF guy reading this knows that we used to give to hotels and rental car companies downrange as well to say thanks.

In  place of answering the questions, John Giduck has however threatened litigation against members of the same community that are his potential client base. Two big thumbs up on that tactical move!

I will give you some of them. I have known and worked with John Giduck for many years. His credentials are almost peerless in many respects

Agreed.  Only about 18% of the people that start US Army basic training fail to complete it.  That puts John Giduck almost without peers in that respect. Most people also don’t lie or allow others to lie about their credentials.

a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State, a law degree from the University of Denver, and a Master’s Degree specializing in Russian studies, from the University of Colorado, which included completion of the Russian Culture and Language Program at St. Petersburg State University in Russia.

While John Giduck’s credentials are some of the few claims that have been established as being true, which of these have to do with Counter-terrorism or provide any sort of operational expertise? The answer is “none of them”.

He has traveled extensively throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union

They may or may not mean anything. John Giduck can be placed in the US for most of the past 15 years or more through his legal work. As for the travel, I have friends that go to Mexico every year for extended time periods.  they still can’t speak Spanish. People go to Colombia and Mexico every year and know nothing about narco terrorism. This is a red herring and misleading.

training with Russia’s elite special forces for more than 10 years and is certified through the Russian Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training 

You claimed to have gone through some of that training, SGM.  You therefore must know that it was a commercial adventure camp. I notice that you’ve cleverly changed the “anti-terror training and operations” that John Giduck has used in the past in his own bio to just “anti-terror training”. Intentional?   Have you really gone that far off the reservation  that you’d swear on your SF Tab that John Giduck is qualified to “conduct anti terror training and operations” as he claims.  Apparently not.

and is a certified instructor in Russian special forces hand-to hand-combat.

Which we both know. Means. Nothing.  especially after watching that silly shovel fighting video with an out-of-breath John Giduck twirling a shovel like a high school cheerleader.

He has trained state and federal law enforcement officers and agents and SWAT teams throughout the U.S. He has served as a consultant on various international and terrorism subjects, as well as a defensive tactics and Russian Organized Crime instructor, for federal agencies, and in the FBI National Academy continued training program.

So did William Hillar…he trained almost the exact same organizations too. Bill Hillar was exposed as a fraud and a charlatan.  POW Network listed military poser John Giduck seems well on his way to the same end state as Bill Hillar.

He has been embraced by the truly elite members and directors of the Special Operations Association, and was made an honorary life member of that fine organization.

If by “been embraced by”, SGM Anderson means “written checks to”, then we are in agreement. I’m just disappointed that the SOA was bought and sold by John Giduck for only $10,800 and a few hours of pro bono work…I mean everyone has their “number” but, sheesh.  John Giduck may have received far more than that for access to SOA member information from other suitors more than willing to pay top dollar for such information.

Other than money, what had John Giduck really done by 2003 to earn the SOA’s  “Special Service Award”…other than service the SOA leadership? Beslan had not even happened yet.  Perhaps it was for Archangel’s “activities” in the Sudan? I can make a guess where that is going now that light has been shed on the details there….and it ain’t good.

It’s sad to see a bunch of SF senior NCOs (including you, SGM Anderson) sell out their brothers for pennies on the dollar…they’ve done their…no, OUR… fallen brothers a disservice…

He is a graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy and holds the highest level certification in Homeland Security through the American College of Forensic Examiners International, and is a former member of the Executive Advisory Board of the American College of Homeland Security and a current member of the executive advisory board of Police Marksman magazine.

Why doesn’t John Giduck have any established security credentials like CPP?  Without his ring of enabling friends and massive marketing effort behind Archangel, John Giduck’s security credentials would likely be laughed out of any organization that I am familiar with.

In addition to other published materials and articles on terrorism, Russian organized crime and close quarters tactics, he wrote the book, Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy With Lessons for America’s Schools.

So, academia is good for a number of things…but we both know that academic experience doesn’t replace operational experience. Besides that, serious questions have been raised about a number of John Giduck’s books that John Giduck has chosen to not address.  We’ll circle back around to the CQB stuff later…

As part of his work with Archangel, John Giduck is also a scuba, tactical diving and CQB instructor, and teaches terrorist-hostage negotiations, narco-terrorism, terrorism and global organized crime, and Russian organized crime courses. These are all fields in which he is eminently qualified

SGM Anderson must be defining “eminently qualified” as “without operational experience”. Has John Giduck ever done a tactical dive? I guess the photo on John Giduck blog’s Gallery page that looks like a PADI open water class with what appears to be US Diver gear supposed to be proof.

When has John Giduck  negotiated with terrorists holding hostages or even been onsite when the actual event was unfolding?  Oh yeah, he hasn’t. If the statement above isn’t intended to be intentionally misleading,  I’d like to better understand why you believe that John Giduck is “eminently qualified”.

and as for training US Special Forces personnel you can contact the 10th SFGA in Fort Carson or if you a down range, contact CS\M Conway 2ed Bn 10th SFGA.

You spent 25 goddamn years in the military as a Special Forces senior NCO and still can’t even abbreviate Army enlisted ranks and SF unit designations correctly?

Though I am proud of my service, and proud of the Special Forces, the simple fact remains that he has led a life and had a career that put him outside the conventional paths of military and law enforcement – even Special Operations service – that have given him experiences and expertise that far surpass anything he would have gotten in either of those units..

Clearly you are forgetting, SGM, that John Giduck was on a conventional path within the US military and he didn’t finish. Experiences that would surpass anything he would have gotten in SOF units?  With all due respect, SGM, were you drunk when you wrote this or were you one of those mid-level SF NCOs that just drove CUCVs around Ft Bragg after Vietnam? The statement makes no sense whatsoever given that John Giduck is posted on the POW Network Wall of Shame. You’ve insulted EVERY member of the Special Operations community with that well intentioned drivel.

The integrity with which John consistently presents himself and his credentials is found in the fact that in hundreds of trainings and presentations he as never once mentioned any U.S. military service to anyone, and no bio or resume of his that our organization provides to the agencies we serve mentions any such service. As Archangel has never authorized the publication of any CV or bio of John – and have certainly never done so ourselves

If I recall correctly, Archangel Group published the following

– John Giduck has counter terrorism experience. He doesn’t.

– John Giduck was a Special forces soldier (a comment by someone else but allowed to remain unchanged for years while posted prominently on the Archangel Group website). He isn’t.

– John Giduck is a member of the Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association. He isn’t.

I could go on…and will in part 2.


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