In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the first half of Archangel Group co-founder and retired Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson’s misleading post about John Giduck’s credentials.  In part 2, we’ll continue to look at the fiction that John Anderson knowingly presents as fact.

John “Andy” Anderson continues on within the context of POW Network confirmed military poser, John Giduck

I will not waste my time commenting on your continued efforts to defame him, except to warn that anonymous presence on a website does not remove you from responsibility and liability for statements made that are false, or that you make with a reckless disregard as to their truth or falsity.

The SGM seems to have taken quite a bit of time commenting in his post. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the SGM that his own statements do not remove him from responsibility from making false statements.  In fact, the false statements start here in the next line…

Despite years as one of the top Olympic style weightlifters in the country,

Years? Top Olympic style weightlifters in the country? We now know that John Giduck wasn’t a member of Penn State’s national championship weightlifting team as they didn’t have a national championship team.  Penn State Barbell Club members from 1980 through 1984 don’t even remember John Giduck being a member of the team. John Giduck’s name doesn’t appear on the internet as any sort of champion weightlifter. If this statement is not intentionally misleading, help me to understand how John Giduck is a top Olympic style weightlifter.

John’s work still saw him undergo civilian and military parachute and scuba training, and he became an accomplished skydiver, as well as a scuba instructor, teaching.

Military parachute training? Huh?  John Giduck spent 58 days on US Army active duty. While on active duty, I met paratroopers from WWII who still knew the nomenclature of their equipment. If someone asked John Giduck what type of military parachutes he trained with, I’m afraid he might answer, “the round ones”.  “Accomplished skydiver”? Help me out with his USPA skydiving license number again…I know that he has to have one.  I don’t recall what it is. As members of the SOF community, we both know civilian and military skygods….John Giduck is unknown in the skydiving community. In fact, he’d likely need three cargo chutes to get his fat ass to land safely.  Military scuba training?  In case SGM Anderson has forgotten, NAUI and PADI aren’t military organizations last I checked.

His years of training with the Russian Special Forces not only provided important information and relationships to America, but saw him through training that rivaled the most difficult in the world.

Specifically, what “years of training” would that be? Or do you mean, “a few weeks of training over several years”? John Giduck can be placed  in  a few commercial military style adventure camps but also can be placed in the US for many of the years that he claims (activities related to being a lawyer particularly).  The military style adventure camps would also be consistent with John Giduck’s training photos and the fact that John Giduck failed Basic Training after 58 days. Perhaps SGM Anderson is saying that Russian Special Forces training is easier than US Army basic training?  Help me out here again. If SGM Anderson wants to provide proof to prove every one of John Giduck’s detractors wrong, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than right here.

I know, as I was there with him on a number of occasions, having been given the opportunity to make friends with soldiers in such elite Russian units as Alpha, Vympel, Sobr, Vityaz and Russia’s Naval Commandos.

And this is why I say that you are lying telling tales misleading us, SGM. You were there…at adventure camp.  I have no doubt that you met such people…but not within the context of “training that rivaled the most difficult in the world”.  I’ve made friends with SOF soldiers from all over the world…but that doesn’t make me a member of their unit.

His contacts with Russian Spetsnaz and government officials is almost unrivaled, even by people in our State Department. I have had dinner guests in my home that have included the director of the KGB in St. Petersburg and Vladimir Putin’s boss, as well as top officers and recipients of Russia’s version of the Medal of Honor; all brought by John as his friends and colleagues.

Hopefully, you reported such contacts as did other members of Archangel and close associates that might hold security clearances. I can only hope that other more formal investigators delve into the Russian connections more deeply.

Over the many years I have worked with John I have come to know him as an honest professional, who is also one of the best instructor/trainers I have ever met.nd. Archangel receives countless letters, cards, emails and phone calls from American police, government and military personnel attesting to the fact that his training is among the best they have ever experienced.

You and Archangel Group make money off of John Giduck….shouldn’t you make that more clear? “Honest professional”.  Even outside of John Giduck’s relationship with convicted cop killer Donna Yaklich which is anything but “honest” and “professional”, are you sure that you still want to go with that phrase after reading through this blog’s site map?  Nice guy. I’m sure that he is. People said that Ted Bundy was a nice guy too. The best cons are the ones where people really believe…ask Bernie Maddoff’s clients.  He got cards and letters too.

Moreover, despite the fact he never served “in” the Special Forces I can attest to the fact that John has spent more than his share of time “with” those elite soldiers, including as a firearms and hand-to-hand combat instructor. He is widely recognized as a true special operations and terrorism expert both throughout the United States and a number of other countries as well.

Support soldiers for SOF units spend far time in close proximity to qualified SOF members than John Giduck ever has spent with his engagements with SOF soldiers. As you know, SGM, they even serve in actual combat together. Yet, support soldiers have no claim to being qualified in any way or having any of that “qualifiedness” rubbing off on them.  You were a SF SGM, why am I having to explain this to you?  You know better…this is why your legacy among guys like me (that will actually write it for future generations of SF soldiers) will be one of shame.

Also, despite his lack of service in SF or SOF, he has one of the best special operations minds I have ever come across, and has recently developed some new, innovative tactics for SWAT teams that are applicable in many critical situations. These are tactics that are revolutionizing small unit operations. .

Innovative.  tactics.  For whom?  School resource officers? I’m sure that they would find most tactical training innovative.  Again, I am beginning to wonder about your own operational experience outside of Vietnam, SGM…or the level to which you are willing to sell out your brothers.  Perhaps you forgot the Geritol pills…there has to be some rational excuse for the above statement…it ain’t that a guy that flunked out of Army Basic Training has the best special operations mind that you’ve ever seen….or you’ve never seen that many.

Finally, your fantasy that John would have cancelled any training engagements because of the pathetic niggling of those on your website is ridiculous. Not that it is any of your business, but he has recently suffered complications from surgery several months ago that forced him unexpectedly into a hospital. He will be back speaking around the country shortly one has cancelled training . And, we are to believe that  sensitive organizations are continuing to embrace John Giduck and Archangel with open arms.  Are you so sure about that, SGM? Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. You know exactly what I mean here. Perhaps you need to pick up the phone a bit more.

and I can assure you that he would never deny himself an opportunity to meet with any of you in person

in order to personally serve/deliver the lawsuit paperwork?  Got it.  I would like to meet John Giduck if only to see if he uses Fix-A-Flat as hair gel as it appears.  (had to get one jab in about that raccoon looking thing on his head…sorry)

John Giduck, Archangel and everyone associated with our organization, have earned better treatment than to be attacked by you and the others who seem to spend more time on a website, than continuing to contribute to the security of this country.

We deserve better, SGM. Your customers and taxpayers deserve better than to be trained by a proven military fraud backed by a Group so willing to mislead people on his behalf.  Silver Star awardee MSG Clouse deserves better and has EARNED better as well for simply asking about John Giduck’s right to claim being a member of the SOA and then accepting MSG Hetrick’s explanation at face value….because  Hetrick was (note past tense) a brother.

 It is time for you and your friends to stand down on this one, rather than continue to commit actionable libel against a committed professional working in the best interests of this country. You owe John and Archangel a public apology.

Archangel Group
Chairman of the Board

John Anderson
Special Forces Sergeant Major (Ret.)

No, SGM, it’s time for you to return to the values that you learned during 25 years on active duty. “Not leaving a man behind” isn’t the same as “not leaving a man’s behind”.   If you want to sell out for money, I’m cool with that.  Just say so and drive on…you’ll get a lot more respect.

If there is any apology owed, it is truly to MSG know, the guy that was decorated in combat and that you, MSG Hetrick, and SGM McCan have allowed to spin in the wind seemingly to protect your own financial interests. I personally will not stand down until that apology happens.

The truth will set you free…and a great deal of truth is being exposed about John Giduck and Archangel Group.  Sorry if you don’t like it.


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