John Giduck continues his vendetta…against your intellect. We know that readers are smart enough to see through John Giduck’s feeble attempts to maintain his narrative. John Giduck wants you to believe that he has the credentials and experience to take your hard earned tax dollars out of your local law enforcement budgets for his own gain.   Continue reading to see how John Giduck tries to mislead you into believing…

First, some context and then we will move on to the new evidence


Confirmed POW Network military poser John Giduck was apparently in a bad position.  He needed to produce some proof of his Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz credentials after uncomfortable blog posts on this blog and elsewhere linked his alleged Spetsnaz training to commercial military style adventure camps in Russia. So he produced the following SOBR Rapid Reaction Special Police Detachment “Lynx”, Ministry of the Interior (MOI) of the Russian Federation certificate of appreciation.

John Guduck says the above was produced by and signed by the Russian commander of the unit, L Gritsenko. The problem? Russian speakers immediately noted that the Russian was of extremely poor quality and there is no date to this official looking document.

One Russian who actually is also an expert on events in Beslan said the following in Russian

which when run through Google translator reads as this

Based on a [sic] completely absurd mistakes in the Russian text, I conclude that the original was written in English and then translated into Russian man does not know the full Russian language, and especially not knowing how to be written all sorts of official zayavleniya.”

Suffice it to say that native Russian speakers are not impressed. We’ll get back to our Russian Beslan experts in another future post.  They are doing a great job tearing apart John Giduck’s factual evidence for his Terror At Beslan book.

Back on track….

So, of course, John Giduck had his usual outrage and denials and questioning of the credentials of the Russian speakers that examined the document.  We also had the obligatory note from the signatory saying that it was absurd.

My opinion is as follows: I believe that the document is false but I also believe that the evidence to date still fits that John Giduck may have been recruited by Russian intelligence during his time in Russia.

Document’s Clipart Background Found

Shortly thereafter, the clipart for the document was found advertised for $24.95 from Aridi Clip Art (

Ouch….that’s pretty damning evidence. It is sad to think about how many hours each day John Giduck must spend convincing himself how much smarter he is than everyone else….including YOU.

New Evidence Appears

But, new evidence has appeared in the past few days that casts even more doubt on the authenticity of John Giduck’s certificates.  It was a small detail noticed by the Russians (of course) but highly indicative of a forgery. Rut-roh.

One would think that the Russian Ministry of Interior would have Russian keyboards. If we could demonstrate that the document was typed on an English keyboard, this would raise significant questions about the document.

Alas, the document above was typed using an English language keyboard.  How did the Russians spot this?  The top left corner of the certificate says:


Notice that there is an English language “b” and an English language “U”.  The Russians noticed that it would have been as follows if typed on a Russian language keyboard


See the difference? It’s always the little things that give fakers like John Giduck away.

The same text exists on John Giduck’s version of the certificate posted on his personal blog site. There is no way that the Russians would have let such an error occur..because the text is just plain wrong.  Fake documention about John Giduck’s credentials is just another that you are being mislead by John Giduck.


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