It appears more people are looking into John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book and this time, it’s Russian experts on the subject doing the “looking”.  They are enjoying picking apart that book like Joe Bail loves cake and donuts.  I’m just wondering how the book can be so inaccurate if John Giduck arrived in Beslan when he claims.  Even the Russians now think that John Giduck didn’t arrive in Beslan anywhere near 3/4/5 September 2004.

terror at beslan

Can’t you just imagine John Giduck smugly saying, “the inaccuracies aren’t mine!” in the photo above?!?  It’s never his fault after all.

That said, I like these Russian guys.  They have had a Russian language website about the Beslan school tragedy for years.  Terror at Beslan author and POW Network listed military poser John Giduck first appeared on their radar in 2010.  Since the start of the latest dustup, they’ve taken it upon themselves to look into the day by details of Terror at Beslan.

GirlWithAGlock broke the first part of the Terror At Belsan inaccuracies over on SOCNET. You can find the original links and more inaccuracies over there.

Let’s look at some of the more important examples – the regular indented text represent John Giduck’s text and the italicized text is commentary:

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck, p. 115: “The terrorists were successful only in herding approximately 60 percent of the crowd into the school.”

See above. If correct, this means that there were approximately 1,968 people at the school and about 787 of them managed to escape. Again, these numbers are significantly exaggerated; during Kulaev’s trial it was established that between 50 and 150 people managed to escape. Kulaev is the only terrorist in Beslan case who stood the trial.

Source here.

and this

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck, p. 117: “Once inside they just went crazy, beating people, raping girls… Among those, a number of girls were raped with the barrels of the terrorists’ guns, and any other objects that were at hand.”

There is no proof of this happening. Numerous female witnesses testified in Kulaev’s trial describing the atrocities committed by the terrorists, yet none of them stated that she was raped or that she had witnessed anyone being raped. They had no problem describing themselves drinking urine, sitting in the hot gym naked, witnessing their husbands and children dying and still none of them mentioned seeing any rapes. There has been no mentioning of rape in any of the victims interviews either, to Russian or foreign media. I am sure John Giduck enjoyed his five minutes of fame on Glenn Beck show talking about girls being raped with AK-47s. However, C.J.Chivers called bullshit on this statement by Giduck in the past; I call this sensationalism and speculation, not substantiated by facts.

and then this doozie

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck, p. 119: “The composition of the group, as best as can be determined even at this late date, included up to 20 Ingush, 10 Chechens, 10 Arabs (including at least one North African, most likely from Sudan or Libya), 5 ethnic Russians, in addition to Uzbekis, Tatarians, and Kazakis. There were also one or two Ossetians… Finally, there were two female Shaheeds, or suicide bombers.”

Couple of thoughts on the subject. First, the person, referred in the quoted fragment, as “North African” was the terrorist who had been shot during the first hour of the siege and whose body laid outside of the school for next three very hot days. The photo is linked here – please note that it is very graphic. The person who told the reporters that there was a “Black” or “African” man among the terrorists was Director of North Ossetia FSB Andreev – the same person who stated after the first day of the siege that no children had been hurt. In other words, John Giduck quoted a rumor that was proven false.

In addition, in my limited observations, people from Sudan and Libya generally look quite different, but l am willing to defer to more experienced forum members on this one.

Further, the official and most of independent sources estimate the number of terrorists to be 32 – I can accept that this number could be off by a couple but in John Giduck’s math it seems more like 50+.

Finally, this is semantics but why are Shaheeds listed by Giduck as it were some sort of a nationality? Basically, what Giduck is saying there is that the terrorist group was comprised of Ingush, Chechens, Arabs, and Suicide Bombers.

John Giduck couldn’t even get basic facts correct after months of interviews

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck, p. 120: “The fact that both women {suicide bombers} had dyed their hair blonde, however, may have been evidence of their hopes ultimately to escape…”

Show me the blond hair. Please be advised, photos are graphic.

Suicide Bomber 1

Suicide Bomber 2

The Russians also question John Giduck’s supposed first hand observations given that John Giduck wasn’t onsite yet.

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck, p. 133: “By the end of the very first day, six more males were shot to death on the second floor…When dawn’s early light touched that distant yard, 21 twisted, mostly naked bodies – school employees, teachers, fathers and students – were heaped in a pile under that window.”

Where did number 21 come from? According to Giduck himself, there were eighteen male hostages killed in the morning and then six later at night. Sure, not all bodies could have been thrown out of the building, but I would love to know the precise source that states that precisely 21 bodies were under that window by early morning of Day 2. Giduck could not have counted the bodies as they were thrown out of the window because he wasn’t at Beslan just yet, so who did the count?

There are two more days of Terror At Beslan inaccuracies coming up.  Can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

It just seems like inaccuracies follow John Giduck…and these persistent errors are never his fault.  Anyone else notice that?


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