This blog exists to seek the truth. The truth about the events at Beslan as well as the truth about counter terrorism and other operational credentials claimed by Terror At Beslan author John Giduck.  The problem is the sheer number of inconsistencies in the information provided by John Giduck and the unwillingness of John Giduck to clarify information that he himself has provided through books and bios.

inconsistencies John giduck

One example of factual inconsistencies between John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book and his own statements is the number of adult and teenage males initially killed on the morning of the first day of the Beslan school siege.  Though I remain skeptical as a result of John Giduck being listed in POW Network’s Wall of Shame for faking US military credentials, John Giduck claims to have arrived at the school on the morning of 5 September 2004 and conducted in-depth interviews with participants of the raid and survivors to get to this number.

One might think that the result of all the claimed onsite research would be that John Giduck would get a consistent handle on the number of adult males killed on the morning of the first day. He apparently doesn’t.

On page 123 of his own 2005 book, Terror At Beslan, John Giduck sets the count of adult males and boys initially murdered on the first day at 18:

in 2008, John gives us another version and resets the number at an inconsistent 16 during a podcast interview

[They terrorists] killed 16 of the largest men and teenage boys right away, dumped their bodies out a second story window  (16:28 of the podcast interview with John Giduck)

John Giduck again used the 16 number for his interview on the Glenn Beck show

JOHN GIDUCK, AUTHOR, “TERROR AT BESLAN”: Well, first, they had forced everybody into the gym. One of the very first things they did was take the 16 largest males, fathers, teachers, teenage boys, took them to a classroom on the second floor and lined them up against the wall. We did see the film that they had shot when they did this. Shot them all to death and dumped their bodies out the second-story window where they would lie there through the days of the siege.

In an October 2008 article entitled, “Terror In America’s Schools”, John Giduck writes a completely different version of events

Two fathers were murdered immediately in the gym where the hostages were originally massed, and another 21 of the largest adult males and older teenage boys were shot to death.

So, we have the “18 shot immediately” version from Terror At Beslan, “16 shot immediately” version, and either 2 or 23 shot immediately depending on how one reads John Giduck’s last claim.  These differing versions aren’t drawn from statements by other people.  They are John Giduck’s own words.  So, which is the right number?

I can accept John Giduck as a scholar of terrorist events and school shootings.  he has the academic credentials to be a scholar. The only problem that I have with him are his additional claims and inferences of being some sort of “action guy” and training actual action guys based on near zero experience (CQB instructor? Are you kidding me?)  That said, if John Giduck is a scholar then he also needs to be held to the same research standards as other scholars in the academic community.

Inconsistency of researched information isn’t in line with those standards.


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