Clearly the executive management of the Special Operations Association (SOA) has some sort of “special relationship” with POW Network listed Wall of Shame honoree John Giduck. While we reported previously that the SOA had filed some paperwork in CO regarding operations, they have left John Giduck as Registered Agent for the organization.

What strange about this move is that the membership of the Special Operations Association historically has really disliked military posers.  Enough actually that the have the link to the POW Network highlighted on even the new SOA website recently created.  Look for yourself at this screen capture of the applicable page (posted under the criticism clause of fair use doctrine)

So, if the Special Operations Association is so concerned by the “epidemic of military imposters” and have a link to the POW Network, why does the same Special Operations Association tolerate a military poser listed on the POW Network with acting as their organization’s Registered Agent?

Retaining John Giduck is especially odd since John Giduck’s POW Network entry is highlighted in purple. The purple means that John Giduck is possibly prosecutable under the Stolen Valor Act.

Here is what we know:

– John Giduck was likely given Honorary Life Member status with the Special Operations Association as a result of his financial donations to the SOA and not any special operations related lifetime experience

– Public domain records can only account for a little over $10,000 funneled through the same John Giduck community corrections charity. This money was drawn from public money destined for halfway house inmates housed within John Giduck’s non-profit community corrections facilities.  However, a significant sum was funneled to Sudanese rebels and a non-profit that openly supports them.

That said, oddly, the Special Operations Association shows the money donated through the non-profit as money coming directly from John Giduck.  Perhaps this entry could be a matching donation or come from a different set of funds.

Lastly, it seems that Archangel Group, another John Giduck company, might be donating an unknown sum of money to the Special Operations Association.  How are we surmising this? Archangel Group also has a link on the SOA website “Donor’s Page”

It’s unlikely that that advertising was provided for free on the donor’s page.  It’s also strange that John Giduck isn’t listed as an individual donor.

My guess is that there are some companies on that list that might not want to be associated with a two faced organization that lists the POW Network in favorable light on one page and yet retains a POW Network listed poser as their Registered Agent.  They may also might want to be made aware of John Giduck’s significant ties to Russian Intelligence and that the SOA took money from a non-profit halfway house organization that also funneled money illegally to Sudan.

One might think they’d be surprised or disappointed by this information if they knew.


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