John Giduck seems to be running out of things to publish on his SOCNETLies Boo Hoo blog. Some of the latest posts are downright laughable at best and pathetic at worst. Just to show that I am fair-minded and this is not some sort of vendetta, I will help John Giduck out.

Here are 11 suggestions for things that John Giduck should publish on his blog if he is otherwise out of ideas…

11. Documentation of John Giduck being formally “banned from Russia”. If John Giduck was banned from Russia as he claims, he should have some sort of formal documentation for that. Post it.

10.  Honorable Discharge Paperwork: Post evidence of an honorable discharge from the US Army after 58 days of service. A far higher percentage of people have their service characterized as an “entry level separation” when they separate from the Service with less than 180 days in. This is particularly true when it it occurs in basic training.  Unless of course, John Giduck meant an “honorary discharge”…no need to post that.

9. A photo of Yuri Ferdigalov next to any other verifiable member of Russian Spetsnaz.  It’s just odd that John Giduck has not posted a single photo of Yuri Ferdigalov with a recognizable member of a Spetnaz unit. Why would that be?  Let’s just say, “we’ve noticed”. I’m sure John Giduck has at least one…so post it!

8. Parachuting Licenses and Certificates. Scan of your USPA skydiving license, military parachuting credentials (referred to by SGM John “Judas” “andy” Anderson in his post because he wouldn’t be lying to support you, would he?), and skydiving instructor license.  Has John Giduck jumped after 1999? Why don’t any other accomplished skydivers know of John Giduck if he is as accomplished as a skydiver as SGM Anderson tried to convince us?

7.  Explanation why there are so many factual errors in the book, Terror At Beslan. That topic alone should take a few dozen posts alone.

6. Rationale for Poor Russian Language Skills. How about some rationale beyond being “banned from Russia” as to why John Giduck’s Russian language skills are so poor if he’s spent the better part of 20 years in Russia as claimed.  I’m sure that Spetsnaz training wasn’t in English…or was it?  Why not also post the certificate from the St Petersburg State language program?

5. John Giduck’s Terrorist Hostage Negotiations Experience. Where did John Giduck find the time to obtain “years of experience” in terrorist hostage negotiations”? In which terrorist events or other actual hostage situations has John Giduck engaged in hostage negotiations?  Help us understand this claim.

4. John Giducks counter-terrorism credentials and operational credentials referred to by Joe Bail and SGM Anderson. Please post something other than commercial military adventure camps please. If John Giduck spent time in a Russian uniform and attended actual Spetsnaz counter terrorism courses, he should have some sort of evidence of those credentials.

3. John Giduck’s “Patriotic” Activities.  Why not expound on why a “good, patriotic American” such as John Giduck would voluntarily violate U.S. sanctions in the Sudan with money intended for use by community corrections inmates in his non-profit in Colorado. If the activities were that secret, why did you let a journalist tag along?

2. John Giduck’s September 2004 Arrival in Russia: I think everyone would like to see John Giduck’s visa stamps showing arrival in Moscow on 4 September 2004. That would likely include John Giduck’s doubting supporters.  What a great opportunity to make me eat crow….if I were John Giduck, I would post it for that reason alone.

1. An Apology to MSG Clouse. An apology to MSG Clouse whose “attack” against John Giduck consisted of  publishing 1 email wondering how John Giduck was a member of the SOA (remember that John Giduck was not including “honorary” in his membership claims at that time), a second email saying that MSG Clouse would follow up with the SOA leadership, and a third email saying that, given the response from the SOA leadership, he would accept the word of an SF brother and pursue things no further. You’ve MSG Clouse a great disservice by mischaracterizing his questions/acceptance as some sort of an attack. This blog will not cease until there is an apology to MSG Clouse.

I think that the 11 suggestions would all be reasonable blog posts that would answer reasonable questions.  My guess is that John Giduck might post a photo of Yuri and, less likely, the St Petersburg State certificate.  I don’t have high hopes of much else because I’m not confident that any of the other items that could easily otherwise be addressed by John Giduck even exist.

Not having verifiable evidence to post is the best likely explanation for spending months posting chatter on the SOCNET Boo Hoo blog rather than taking the 15 minutes required to post evidence that responds to legitimate questions.


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