When Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail isn’t working as an instructor/consultant with Archangel Group or moonlighting as Chester PA’s police commissioner (look at the crime statistics and seems to be moonlighting anyway), Joe’s  job must be to make John Giduck look smart. Kind of like that “boy band” thing when John Giduck is the smouldering quiet one and Joe Bail is the guy in the van with candy one making the others look smart.

Enough of that satire against public figures…at least until later.

This post is the first in a series about fundamental inaccuracies in Joseph Bail’s published articles about the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai. I’ve already published a whole series of posts about John Giduck’s shoddy research for his book, Terror At Beslan (some of the list is below).  One thing that I can say is that Archangel Group is nothing but consistent in publishing inaccurate, poorly researched, and speculative information as cold, hard fact.

Let’s not start at the beginning this time – you’ll see why by the end of the series of blog posts.

Let’s start with Joseph “Joe” Bail’s body count in the Trident Oberoi hotel complex during the Mumbai attacks.  Here is what Joe Bail writes about the Nov 2008 incident

The assault on these facilities began at about 2235. At that time, both terrorists entered the Trident’s lobby while throwing grenades and firing indiscriminately, immediately killing at least seven people. Moreover, prior to entering the lobby, the terrorist pair placed a bomb near the hotel entrance, which was subsequently defused by a police EOD unit. The terrorists next moved through the Trident’s lobby to an interior door and hallway that led to the Oberoi complex, where they entered the Tiffin restaurant, killing 12 more people. The duo then went into the Kandahar restaurant, killing one more person and taking 12 hostages before moving to the 22nd floor, killing even more people along the way.

At the end of the Trident/Oberoi siege, a total of 33 civilians had been slaughtered


33 civilians is what Joe Bail claimed in the June 2009 article above. Remember that this is not a live report it was written months after the attacks and also after the Joe bail supposedly conducted extensive research into the topic based on the byline for Joe Bail at the end of the same article:

About the Author
Maj. Bail is the SWAT Commander for the City of Chester (Pennsylvania) Police Department. He has served that agency for 36 years and is an instructor and consultant for the Archangel Group. His insight for the above article is based upon direct interview of key personnel and site visits.

So after such extensive interviews and sufficient time passing to get the right number, what do other sources say?  33?  Not at all.

Wikipedia says that 32 people were killed in the Trident Oberoi complex:

On November 26, 2008 the Oberoi Trident was taken over by Islamic terrorist organizations as a part of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. 32 staff and guests were killed during the 3-day siege.[2]


In the attack on Oberoi-Trident hotel, 4 hotel guests, 18 diners, and 10 staffers died, and nine people were injured, including two staffers.[39] – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_2008_Mumbai_attacks#Casualties_at_Oberoi_Hotel

Wikipedia not a good enough source for you?  How about the Wall Street Journal?  They seem to believe that 32 people died in the Trident Oberoi complex as well.

Twenty-two guests and 10 staff members at the Trident and Oberoi hotels were killed.


This is only the first of a whole set of posts with Mumbai inaccuracies noted. Please withhold comments on other portions of the article until I have a chance to publish them all.  Suffice it to say that the article is so full inaccuracies that my opinion is that John Giduck himself could have written it. If the article is that inaccurate, I don’t personally see any reason to buy the John Giduck and Joe Bail book about Mumbai at all.


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