John Giduck is supposedly one of the world’s foremost experts on the 2004 Beslan school massacre. He bases this expertise on his first person interviews with the participants in the Beslan operation after racing there in time for the final assault 4 September 2004 5 September 2004 as quickly as he could sometime thereafter.

We’ve already established a few examples in which POW Network listed military faker John Giduck invented information to support his arguments and presented it as fact. The most recent was John Giduck’s claims about 2006 Afghanistan school attack data (which would be less of a big deal if…you know..John Giduck wasn’t claiming to be a school safety expert and scholar).  I am not the only one to call John Giduck out on presenting false information as fact either

I could write volumes about the book’s errors, omissions, and faulty characterizations of the victims’ families’ actions and motives. Furthermore, the book’s numerous problems undercut some of the valid points the author makes. For example, by the time you get to Giduck’s accurate account of the media circus and the unscrupulous actions on the part of some members of the media, the reader is suffering from whip-lash because the author has already bounced around from fact, to fiction, to fantasy.

In my mind, it’s one thing to present false information as fact to support one’s argument and another to do so about a place that you have supposedly spent significant time.

How Much Time Did John Giduck Spend In Beslan and Russia In September 2004?

John Giduck claims his latest improbable timeline of arriving in Beslan on 5 September 2004.  John Giduck has written that he flew home on this first trip “10 days after the end of the assault”.

Terror At Beslan, pg 178

This would mean leaving for home around 13 September 2004. Not an insignificant amount of time….

John Giduck Calls Out Media Errors By Making A False Statement

On 12 April 2008, John Giduck was interviewed for a podcast and was ironically asked what the media got wrong about Beslan.  This podcast is coincidentally posted on the John Giduck website.  Here is what John Giduck said in that interview:

The news media also reported that the only way that they were able to pull this off was due to the fact that they had hidden all of their bombs and guns under the floor boards inside the school which is completely false.  I had access to that school immediately after the battle. I saw exactly what the news media was pinpointing. It was a type of…there was only one room that had wooden floors, on the ground floor of the school and it was maybe 10 feet by 10 feet   (36:48 of the John Giduck podcast interview)

First, John Giduck’s characterization his arrival (likely in the afternoon..if it happened at all) as  “immediately after the battle” is patently false.   John Giduck claims to have arrived on 5 September 2004…at the earliest. This is also a day that there is evidence showing that the single commercial flight between Moscow and Beslan did not fly on 5 September 2004.  That said, John Giduck wouldn’t have arrived at the school until the afternoon….if he did at all on the claimed date.

Second, John Giduck clearly states that the media was wrong about the wood floors because there was only one room with a 10 ft by 10 ft wood floor.  Note that John Giduck’s statement is very specific in detail and is presented as cold hard fact.  This seems to be a common trait with John Giduck’s research.

The problem with the statement is not whether or not the terrorists hid weapons under the floorboard but that, in reality, the Beslan school had a gymnasium floor the size of a basketball court that was made entirely of wood.

To put this in context, the academician and Kings College scholar John Giduck wants us to believe that he spent extraordinary amounts of time on site in Beslan and researched the smallest details of the school…details that even the media doesn’t know. Yet, he completely misses that one of the largest and accessible areas in the school had a wood floor. Some one needs to call him out on these details.

If not me, who? Let’s get started and work through this together.

You can see some of the wood floor in the gymnasium in this screen capture from the video that the Beslan terrorists made.

and it can be shown on a photo taken on 7 September 2004 – within the same time window that John Giduck was supposedly on site at Beslan.

Others also have made observations about the wood floor.  These include Russian observations

The bulk of the children and their parents were in the gym. So many people were herded in there that everyone had to sit on the wooden floor with their legs drawn in. It was not possible to lie down or move around the hall.

observations by Americans

Walking closer to the room that once was the gymnasium of Beslan School No. 1, the first thing I noticed was the array of different colors: reds, whites, and yellows, with hundreds of shades in all. The flowers stand against the broken, burned walls and in the windows. Groups of limp and dried flowers, wrapped in cellophane, which resemble tired dancers in wrinkled ball gowns, lie everywhere. The smell of fire is pungent and permeates every molecule in every inch of air that I breathe. It is from the burned walls, the wood gymnasium floors, and the hundreds of candles that have been lit to honor the dead.

and, in the interests of anticipating comments that the floor wasn’t visible on 5 September 2004 due to ash covering the floor, I’ve included commentary by the NY Times captured on 5 September 2004 which is the same day that John Giduck claims to have arrived at the Beslan school

The roof of the gymnasium was gone, and the wooden floor of the basketball court was covered with its wreckage: a thick coat of black ash.

Questions Raised By John Giduck’s Comment

The gymnasium appears to be the biggest and most open area of the Beslan school.  It is captured in the background of John Giduck’s signature “thug mug” photo (which we know was taken in Nov 2004.

So, here are at least two reasonable yet serious questions raised by John Giduck inaccurate statement about the wood floor.

Question #1: if John Giduck was actually there in September 2004, how could he fail to note that the gymnasium floor was made of wood but be paying enough attention to detail to notice a much smaller 10 ft by 10 ft room with wooden floor?

Question #2: Was the floor of the Beslan removed and replaced at any point….say, Nov 2004?  Perhaps our Russian experts can help answer that question.  There are photos from march 2005 showing a wood floor in good condition. If the floor was indeed replaced and John Giduck first arrived in Beslan in that window of time, it would provide a reasonable and likely explanation as to why John Giduck didn’t see a wood floor.  This would raise further questions about the integrity of the Terror At Beslan book.

Personally, I don’t believe that the evidence supports John Giduck arriving in Beslan in September 2004. Russia? Perhaps. Beslan? No.  There are simply too many details and inaccuracies that don’t fit the narrative and several serious obstacles to the arrival timeline that John Giduck claims.


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