John Giduck likes to blame others for seemingly every one of his problems. Wouln’t it be great if John Giduck took responsibility for some of the things that he actually and demonstrably said? Sadly, it’s easier to just throw rocks at others and blame them….

I figured that it might be interesting to look at some of the things that John Giduck can pick from. There’s a lot more than just SF claims.  My opinion is that John Giduck wants to simply walk away from his statements and actions. How easy would that be?

Below is a list of directly attributable John Giduck misleading claims, personal actions, and other activities that are undoubtedly his which may be causing some of the current issues.

These aren’t in any particular order…

1) Years Spent In Russian Uniform: John Giduck claims to have 18 years in Russia – along with the completely misleading claim that the majority of them were in “Russian uniform” as if he were a member of a Russian military unit (source: John Giduck podcast interview)

2) Operational Credentials:  John Giduck’s counter terrorism credentials are based on commercial military adventure camps  (example: “certified in VITYAZ anti-terror training and operations” which appeared on dozens of bios and referred to in podcast interviews for years)

3) Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Training:  I believe that John Giduck has received actual espionage, surveillance/countersurveillance, and counterespionage training…from the Russians.

4) MSG Clouse: John Giduck claims that Silver Star and Purple Heart awardee MSG Clouse was somehow attacking him  (you can see MSG Clouse’s first post, second post, third post, and last post for yourself to judge. Note that John Giduck has never posted proof of what he alleges to be MSG Clouse’s attacks against him.)

5) Speaker Bios: Speaker bios that included US Army Ranger claims (speaker bios are provided to events by speakers)

6) Donna Yaklich: Activities with Donna Yaklich beyond serving as defense counsel counter to the interests of police

7) Support to Rebels In the Sudan: John Giduck provided material support and military consulting to rebels in the Sudan  during the time that there were sanctions against such support (John Giduck’s own statements)

8) Relationships in Chester, Pennsylvania: Seemingly quid pro quo relationships in Chester PA involving tax dollars, gifts, and claimed mutual consulting agreements  (statements posted by John Giduck, Joe Bail, and Archangel Group)

9) Relationships with Russian Intel Officers: John Giduck boasts about long term personal relationships with Russian intelligence officers while being in positions with access to sensitive biographical and tactical information  (photos and statements by John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Joe Bail)

10) Terrorist Hostage Negotiations: John Giduck claims of years of terrorist hostage negotiations (John Giduck statements)

11) Photoshopped Photographs:  John Giduck has clearly digitally enhanced photos of himself in Afghanistan provided as proof of his activities (posted on John Giduck website)

12) Beslan Arrival Dates: John Giduck claims improbable arrival dates in Beslan in september 2004 as well as has shifted dates for that arrival (John Giduck’s own statements in podcast interviews and websites)

13) Undisclosed Business Relationships: John Giduck has multiple undisclosed business relationships related to claims that support his credentials (documented in multiple official filings and John Giduck bios)

14) Instructor Qualifications: John Giduck claims to have skydiving and scuba diving instructor that recognized SCUBA and parachuting license agencies have no record of (multiple event bios and introductions)

Again, these are all things that John Giduck has claimed or activities in which John Giduck can be demonstrably shown to have engaged.

As any reasonable person can see, there are quite a bit more than just Special Forces claims….


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