This is the third article about the inaccuracies in Archangel Group consultant Joseph “Yoda”  “Joe” Bail’s poorly written 2009 article about the Mumbai attacks. All I can think is how if this group consisting of Chester Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail, POW Network listed military poser John Giduck, and 20+year Chester PA police veteran Ernie Manerchia got any of the basic facts correct during their time spent in Mumbai.

Let’s look at Joe Bail’s analysis at a third site of killings during the Mumbai attacks – the Leopold Cafe.  Here is what Joe Bail published in his June 2009 article in The CounterTerrorist Magazine:

After their landing on the Mumbai shore, one team reportedly made its way by foot to the Leopold Café, an attraction known to be frequented by Americans and Britons. The restaurant is about three-quarters of a block north of a local police district station.

After throwing a hand grenade and firing several shots into the café, killing eight people, the two terrorists ran about 100 yards down a small side street to the rear of the Taj Mahal Hotel, killing two shopkeepers on the way.

Joe Bail is saying that 10 people were killed at the Leopold Cafe. Of course, this number doesn’t quite jive with other accounts.

Let’s look at what an Indian source states:

The duo opened fire at people sitting in Leopold Cafe, killing 11 persons, including two foreigners, and injuring several others,

and then another reconstruction of the Mumbai attacks

Tango 1 departs Leopold Cafe for the Taj Mahal Hotel on foot leaving 11 dead and 28 seriously wounded.

Another source matches the 11 killed number.

These two terrorists then left the taxi near the Leopold Café and walked quietly to Café Leopold to begin their mindless indiscriminate shooting using Ak-47 assault rifles. They also lobbed hand grenades resulting in the death of 11 persons including two foreigners.

So, it appears that there is general agreement on the 11 killed at the Leopold Cafe.  Joe Bail appears to  be the lone exception.

You’ll find a list of other inaccuracies below.  My opinion is that Archangel Group consultant generally provide shoddy work products.  I think that this is backed by the discrepancies I’ve found in Joe Bail’s article, issues many others have found with John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book (some listed below), and external analysis of their jointly written book, Shooter Down.

Hopefully, Ernie can stick to something that he knows about if he writes a book.  I’d suggest something involving man boobs.


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