One of the problems with changing one’s story is that sometimes one’s friends don’t “get the memo” about the change. John Giduck’s friends want to be supportive so they go public with information that they’ve been told. When that information changes later on,  well…hilarity ensues as the truth is revealed….like now.

Well, I guess that it would be funny if John Giduck wasn’t continuing to enrich himself and the for-profit Archangel Group by making large amounts of money from the deaths of Russian school children at Beslan.

Let’s walk through a situation where John Giduck seems to have  misled at least one person that claims to be a close friend as to his arrival timeline in Beslan in September 2004.  That friend went on to post a review in Oct 2005 after John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book was published.  The glowing review included information that John walked among unidentified bodies at the Beslan school…which unfortunately couldn’t have likely happened under John Giduck’s newly revised timeline.

Those darned timelines!

Let’s look at what was posted about John Giduck walking among unclaimed bodies in the rubble of Beslan. Here is the post:

What we know know is that John Giduck was this person’s instructor. Apparently, this person’s name is “Joe”.

This article was written by my instructor and Ive never seen it before, so it cant be older than a few weeks.

Sgathak, John Giduck’s friend, 10-04-2005, 13:37

be careful of media reports stateside on terrorist attacks in Russia. Oft-times, horribly misleading. Joe’s teacher also wrote a great article (and book that I’m definately [sic] picking up) on the Beslan Middle School hostage taking.

[link to John Giduck article]

Jay Bell 10-04-2005, 16:44

Do we know anyone named “Joe” that is friends with John Giduck? “Joe” seems to also have an amazingly tight relationship with the Archangel Group.

Ive been to no less than 5 full day presentations on the subject. I know both of the men who went to Beslan to write this book. I have seen the videos, and the pictures, and the [sic] met some of the men who fought at Beslan. Hell, for a short while if you called the Archangel office, I was the one who you talked to.

Sgathak, John Giduck’s friend named “Joe” 10-04-2005, 17:28

So, “Joe” knows both men at Beslan, met people that fought at Beslan, and also possibly worked for Archangel Group.  Do we know anyone like that?

“Joe” then goes on with a glowing recommendation which is factually laughable given recent scrutiny around John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.

There has been only 1 book ever written that accurately describes the situation at Beslan. No other book, video, documentary, or news report even remotely touches on the actual realities of what happened. In this unique book it outlines very clearly what happened, why, what when right, what went wrong, and what things just plain “happened”. It graphically shows how inaccuratly [sic] other reports have been, and it does so by being the only book written by someone who spoke directly with numerous members of the Russian Special Forces (including Alfa, Vymple, Rus, OMON and SOBR), to speak with government officials, and other highly placed sources who could confirm what actually happened.

Sgathak, John Giduck’s friend named “Joe”  10-04-2005, 17:28

And now we arrive at the part where John’s friend named “Joe” didn’t get the memo that John Giduck’s claimed timeline would change years later after interestingly providing the below legend for years

Its the only book written by someone who was there. John and Yuri walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside unidentified and unclaimed. NO OTHER BOOK can compair [sic].

John Giduck’s friend named “Joe” 10-04-2005, 17:28

The problem here is that either John Giduck has lied to his friend, “Joe” or “Joe” (like many associated with Archangel Group) appears to be going along with misleading facts to help build John Giduck’s false legend. You see, “Joe” actually worked (or answered the phone at Archangel Group).  A reasonable person would agree  that  “Joe” likely didn’t magically make up this statement but was simply repeating what he had been told by John Giduck.

There are plenty of photos of families walking among the bodies within sight of the rubble at Beslan school.  I won’t post them here. Could John Giduck have walked through the rubble while bodies laid unidentified by the afternoon of 5 September 2004?

The fact is that John Giduck could have only walked among the bodies at Beslan had he arrived in Beslan by 4 September.  Evidence shows that over 320 bodies were in morgues by the evening of 4 September.

Last Updated: Saturday, 4 September, 2004, 15:49 GMT 16:49 UK [<< ADMIN NOTE: This is UK time…much later in Moscow]

More than 320 bodies have been pulled from the rubble of the school so far, officials say, but many of the victims have still to be identified.

Local people scoured hospital wards and searched for bodies at the town morgue.

There is also a series of Youtube videos time date stamped 4 September 2004 and taken as part of a survey of the Beslan school.  The bodies had been cleared out of the rubble by the time these videos were filmed.

There was a chance that John Giduck may have walked among the bodies onsite as long as he stuck to the 4 September 2004 story that he said in a podcast interview in 2008. Unless John Giduck wants to make the case that bodies were left outside for 2 or more full days while he casually made his way to Beslan, the story that “Joe” tells seems patently false given John Giduck’s newly claimed 5 September 2004 arrival date. The single flight per day from Moscow to Beslan arrives in the afternoon…so the bodies would have been outside almost two full days at that point.

The story here is too far-fetched to be plausible given John Giduck’s 2012 change in timeline. I think that “Joe” simply didn’t get the memo.


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