John Giduck’s friends and mouthpiece site consistently describe John Giduck as a good, honest, patriotic man that would never mislead people or tell lies. It’s such a cute story but is it true?

In my last post, I talked about an online personality named “Joe” who seemed to know a lot about Beslan. He also seems to admire and have knowledge of intimate details of John Giduck.  Here is one of the one of the quotes

Ive been to no less than 5 full day presentations on the subject. I know both of the men who went to Beslan to write this book. I have seen the videos, and the pictures, and the [sic] met some of the men who fought at Beslan. Hell, for a short while if you called the Archangel office, I was the one who you talked to.


Its the only book written by someone who was there. John and Yuri walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside unidentified and unclaimed. NO OTHER BOOK can compair [sic].

So, “Joe” makes a clear claim that John Giduck walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside. I discussed the improbability of being able to do this if John Giduck had arrived in Beslan on 5 September 2004 as he claimed.

That said, let’s examine “Joe” a bit more.

Joe goes by the online user name, “Sgathak“.  Here is what “Joe” says that Sgathak means and what it means to him…

“Sgathak” is the traditional scottish spelling of the name “Scothack”. It means “the Shadowed One”. It is the name of a Gaelic Goddess who ran a school for Warriors, and taught the Warrior Cu-Chulain how to fight. Her stories have alwys[sic] fascinated me, and for years now I have felt a deep association with her.

When I started looking, I first came across this 2005 post which interestingly asked Sgathak “from what experience base do you evaluate counter-terror, hostage rescue, and active shooter tactics?”  Hmm..that seems like a familiar question that has been often asked of John Giduck, doesn’t it?

Hmmm….no operational experience but a research background? The answer and information in the profile didn’t seem to fit someone named Joe but seem to fit John Giduck himself.  Let’s see what we have to start with:

– Colorado resident with brief military career

– Research experience but no operational experience

– trained with “best in the world”

– Never been in a situation requiring force on force response

So I started digging deeper. It turns out that “Joe” is formerly from Golden, CO and knows SGM John “Andy” Anderson….just like John Giduck!

also in Jan 2005, “Joe” AKA Sgathak also trained with Spetsnaz.  He clearly states that he has trained with Spetsnaz counter terror teams…..the same as John Giduck!

The spetsnaz training is further confirmed in a 2002 post by “Joe” AKA Sgathak who clarifies even more by saying that the Spetsnaz connections came about as a result of his Russian martial arts….just like John Giduck!

We also know from a 2003 post that “Joe” aka Sgathak also happens to have enlisted in the US Army as a combat engineer, received a medical discharge, and then attended the VITYAZ antiterror school….just like John Giduck!

From the above quote, we know that “Joe” AKA Sgathak went to Russia in September 2002 to attend the VITYAZ course…which was the same course attended by John Giduck.

We have a John Giduck photo from the September 2002 commercial week-long VITYAZ adventure camp with embedded EXIF data that confirms the same September summer camp training date: 9/23/2002

“Joe” AKA Sgathak also claims to be the webmaster of John Giduck’s website..just like John Giduck!

There is almost too much coincidence to be…well…coincidence.

So I think that given the above evidence, unless John Giduck can find a Metro Denver resident named Joe Robbins that is formerly from Golden CO that enlisted as a combat engineer and was medically discharged after brief service in the Army but with only research experience went on to graduate from the VITYAZ antiterror school and knows SGM John “judas” Andy Anderson, it’s safe to say that Sgathak/”Joe Robbins” is John Giduck. The likelihood of there being someone else like this is near zero.

…which brings us back to the original statement…

Here are the underlined quotes:

I do not get money from any endorsements. I do not get a percentage of book sales. I am NOT associated with this group anymore… Full stop.

This is a lie.  It’s John Giduck.  He’s misleading you to make all sorts of money off of dead Russian school children.

Let me be brutally, exceptionally, and unquestionably clear.

what follows this text is a ringing endorsement for John Giduck’s own book written under a fake name.

Its the only book written by someone who was there. John and Yuri walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside unidentified and unclaimed.”

This claim is being made by the same John Giduck who in 2008 admitted to a visa problem and changed his story in 2012 to not arriving until 5 September 2004…long after the bodies were in the morgue.  This is at best a statement intended to mislead YOU…the reader.

There is a clear connection between Sgathak (AKA “Joe Robbins”) and John Giduck. If John Giduck is the honest, patriotic man that others claim, why would John Giduck feel the need to claim something that he did not do? Why would he pretend to be someone else while doing so? At a minimum, we now have some confirmation that John Giduck has no operational experience as others have been saying for some time.  The truth always sets one free…

Every police department in the US that has trained with John Giduck and conference that has hosted John Giduck should be made aware of this post.


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