This is the fourth article about the inaccuracies in Archangel Group consultant Joseph “Yoda”  “Joe” Bail’s poorly written 2009 article about the Mumbai attacks.  Perhaps Commissioner Bail thought that I was done with him after three posts but we created a site map specific to Joe Bail and Chester, PA for a reason. There is a lot more to post about him and John Giduck’s relationship to Chester, PA.

So to catch you back up, Archangel Group sent three consultants to Mumbai, India apparently in the Dec 2008 or January 2009 timeframe (as usual, Archangel Group never mention specific dates…but that’s ok as they’ve obviously got so many inaccuracies). These three consultants consisted of POW Network military wall of shame inductee John Giduck, current Chester PA Police Commissioner  Joseph “Joe” Bail, and some guy named Ernie who apparently didn’t do much except look for his Bert.

Joe Bail wrote an June 2009 article in the Counter terrorist Magazine about Mumbai. This blog post examines killings that took place in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station or CST that Joe Bail still managed to publish incorrectly after supposedly months of research.

The first inaccuracy is minor but important for credibility. Joe Bail misspells the name of the railway station.  The Archangel team claims to have retraced the steps of the Mumbai terrorists. How could they have gotten this wrong?

The teams’ prearranged targets were the crowded Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station  (page 7)

The proper spelling of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has two “hh”s after the C. You can see this in the wikipedia article about the railway station.

The next error is inaccuracy is far more indicative of the poor research done by the Archangel Group team onsite in Mumbai as well as in the months prior to the article’s publication. Joe Bail gets the number of people killed by terrorists at the CST incorrect.  This seems to be a common issue – the first three blog posts in this series had the same error.  Joseph Bail writes:

Meanwhile, as the Leopold/Taj Mahal attacks were taking place, two more of the terrorists moved by taxi to the CST station (formerly called Victoria Station). Once there, they entered the waiting area near the tracks, where they threw grenades and opened fire on the unsuspecting travelers, killing 55 citizens.    (page 8)

Unfortunately, the correct number was 58 citizens killed. This is confirmed by multiple sources

Kasab and Ismail started firing at random inside the CST building. Ismail also lobbed hand grenades. The attacks started at 9.30 p.m.; in less than an hour, the duo killed 58 people and injured over 100.

even by wikipedia

The attacks began around 21:30 when the two men entered the passenger hall and opened fire, The attackers killed 58 people and injured 104 others,

That said, there is an alternative number of 52 floating around but it seems that this is from early reports and some people initially listed as wounded may have died later.  The only source that I could find that mentions 55 killed as a final number and is not from the days right after the attack is a report by Indian Retired Maj. Gen. Gera. Perhaps this is the source of Archangel Group’s error.

Of course, if Archangel Group consultants actually published references or sources as most organizations that publish are required to, this whole questions could have been easily resolved.

This particular team didn’t seem to have any interest in interrupting their pleasure trip to actually get facts right.


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