Poor John Giduck.  John Giduck seems to be a victim again. I’m sure that he’ll blame someone else for his issue or deny them. As usual though, John Giduck biggest problem seems to be John Giduck and his own statements.  We’ve already established what seems to be a clear link between John Giduck and his astroturfing alter-ego.  We’ll demonstrate a bit more in this post.

Let’s get started with the addendum information to our original post establishing a connection between John Giduck and “Sgathak” the online persona with lots of posts but no operational experience.  I can’t quite decide if Sgathak qualifies for the  “John Giduck ball polisher” tag if it is John Giduck himself.  I’ll go with it….

“Joe” AKA Sgathak Worked In A Halfway House

As we know, John Giduck owned a community corrections facility (“halfway house”).  This was the non-profit facility from which John Giduck funneled money to rebels in the Sudan despite federal laws prohibiting such transactions.

It’s odd then given all of the similarities between John Giduck and Sgathak, that Sgathak also has experience working in a halfway house facility…just like John Giduck!


I used to be a security manager with a half-way house dealing with residental, and non-residental, treatment of substance abuse and have been on the testing end of the drug treatment aspect FAR more times than any human should be subjected to”


Sgathak Pimps John Giduck’s Hand-to-Gland School

One can’t astroturf unless one is trying to convince people that they are not associated with the organization that is being pimped.  Here “Joe” AKA Sgathak denies being involved and then freely pimps away…


This is really sad.

John Giduck Should Follow Sgathak’s Advice

Sgathak argues for someone to actually explain their military credentials.  he even describes it as “fair play”. How ironic…


and then this gem


Let’s examine what Sgathak says that is applicable to John Giduck

“If he cant be forthright when asked the most basic of questions, then it can be assumed that he has probably failed to be forthright previously, and will continue to do the same in the future.”

“If thats how he wishes to behave, thats fine……but I hope he doesnt expect the people who have read this thread to give him much regard anymore. I certainly wont. “

What else is there to say? I’m all for fair play.


John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

Friend Claims John Giduck Walked Among Bodies At Beslan

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