It’s 2012. You’d think that John Giduck had learned from his previous mistakes. You’d think that he’d at least rewrite his conference bios to match the facts as he now tells them about his arrival timeline in Beslan, Russia after the school siege.  I guess that hubris is a powerful mistress because you’d be wrong if you thought that. You’d also be wrong if you thought that John Giduck and Archangel Group weren’t enriching themselves at the expense of dead Russian school children.

John Giduck has already admitted after some uncomfortable questions that he didn’t arrive at the “conclusion of the battle by Russian Special Forces to retake the school”.  He didn’t even arrive the next day as he claimed in 2008 during a podcast interview. He now claims arrival sometime after the morning of 5 september.

Here is the information published for the 9 May 2012 event hosted by the Fontana Police Department and presented by the California Peace Officers Association (Region VI).

Archangel Group’s President, John Giduck, arrived at Beslan Middle School No. 1 in North Ossetia, Russia, at the conclusion of the battle by Russian Special Forces to retake the school.

John Giduck’s story has changed from “conclusion of the battle” (3 Sept)  to the next day (4 Sept) to two days after (5 Sept).  The Fontana Police department is being told inaccurate information.

Attendees are paying $40 per person. You can find the same information on the California Peace Officers Association website:

– Does the Fontana Police Department know that a great deal of John Giduck’s claimed credentials stems from week-long commercial military style adventure camps in Russia?

– Does the Fontana Police Department know that John Giduck’s Terror at Beslan book has been exposed as being rife with factual errors?

– Is the Fontana Police Department aware that John Giduck has no operational credentials to be analyzing the tactical response of the Russian Special Forces?

– Does the Fontana Police know that John Giduck claims years of experience as a “terrorist hostage negotiator” yet has never been onsite while a single terrorist event was unfolding.

– Does the Fontana Police Department know about John Giduck’s crazy ideas presented in the book under the guide of sound tactical advice? Fire hoses? Three man fire teams in every school including squad automatic weapons? Gas dispensers?

Does the Fontana Police Department know that John Giduck knowingly vacationed in Jamaica with a cop killer, Donna Yaklich, who he was defending as an attorney and that she was later convicted on charges related to hiring others to murder her undercover police officer husband?  John Giduck recently claimed that the vacation was to “help her”. Read this for more information about the holes in John Giduck’s most recent recent claims about his interaction with Donna Yaklich: John Giduck Omits Key Donna Yaklich Facts

– Does the Fontana Police Department know that John Giduck has deep ongoing relationships with senior Russian intelligence officials that may put biographical details of attendees at risk?

– Does the Fontana Police Department know that John Giduck funneled money from his community corrections non-profit to rebels in the Sudan and provided military assistance in violation of US sanctions.

Just think, the attendees of this seminar get to pay $40 per head for all of the above too. Hey, if the Fontana Police Department really wants the snakeoil that John Giduck is selling,  Sweet!


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