Ever get the strange feeling that people that have died need to close unfinished business?  I get that way every time I think of murdered police officer Dennis Yaklich, Donna Yaklich, and John Giduck.

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We’ve touched on John Giduck’s relationship with Donna Yaklich before (see the links in the “see also”” section).  I just want to make some key points….for Dennis’ sake, if nothing else.

From John Giduck’s boo hoo website:

We do not deny that 25 years ago John Giduck defended Donna Yaklich when she was charged with murder and conspiracy

  • Defendant Donna Yaklich’s husband was a chronic serial abuser hooked on steriods.
  • John Giduck did not know Ms Yaklich during this time.
  • When notified of the charges being bought against her, Donna Yaklich returned from a trip out of the country and surrendered to police to face those charges.
  • John Giduck had accompanied her on that trip.

The issue here isn’t whether or not someone deserves to defend a cop killer…John Giduck appears to like to franme the discussion this way

So what exactly is John Giduck guilty of? Supporting a woman first brutalized by her husband and then by the system that was supposed to protect her. Trying to help someone when no one else would?

The real issues are the claims that John Giduck clings to and that it seems that John Giduck seems to view allegedly slipping into the vaginas of female clients he defended as “helping them”. One has to wonder how much “help” he provided other clients who had not received hundreds of thousands of dollars in police officer death benefits.

Let’s look at some of the points that John Giduck raises…

Defendant Donna Yaklich’s husband was a chronic serial abuser hooked on steriods.

The problem with this statement is that there is evidence that no steroids were found during Dennis Yaklich’s autopsy.

[N]o trace of steroids were found in Dennis’s body upon autopsy.  Such metabolites are highly fat-soluble and remain in the body at detectable levels for 2 to 3 months after even a single dose.  The trackmarks which the movie shows were a Hollywood invention, pure and simple.  There were no track marks found at autopsy.  Indeed, an extensive police investigation failed to uncover any evidence that Dennis ever took steroids in his entire life. Pueblo Colorado Homicide Detective Dan Snell, lead investigator in the case, told the press, “We checked out every lead.  We are obligated to do that.  No one but her defense brought that up and we talked to virtually everybody.” And of course, if Dennis HAD been abusing steroids in the weeks leading up to his death, as Donna alleged, his corpse would have tested postive for steroids.  It didn’t.  Donna lied.  As we shall see, this was not her first lie, nor her last.


John Giduck did not know Ms Yaklich during this time.

This just always struck me as odd because if John Giduck didn’t know Ms. yaklich, why was he apparently at Dennis’ funeral?

00:25:33 Donna yaklich is in jamaica on vacation.
00:25:37 With her new boyfriend,a denver attorney by the name of john giduck.
00:25:42 He was at dennis’s funeraland gave donna his card and said, “now, if you need anythingat all, be sure ” donna had called hima few days after the funeral, when pueblo police asked her to take a routine polygraph testto verify her statement.
00:25:58 Donna yaklich shows up with this john giduck as her attorney.


Think about this the next time that you hear that a police department is hosting a John Giduck event:

Dennis Yaklich was gunned down in front of his Avondale home by brothers Charles, 16, and Edward, 25, Greenwell. They testified Donna Yaklich hired them to kill her husband — a Pueblo police narcotics officer — in exchange for $45,000 in insurance money. There was never much doubt that she hired the two brothers to kill her husband. But in court she said she did it because Dennis Yaklich was violent.

But its hard to sell “self defense” when the murder was clearly planned. If she had time to plan this out to do away with him she could have come up with other plans to extricate herself from the circumstances other than having to take his life.

After the parole hearing in October 2005 Dennis Yaklich’s daughter spoke openly about the decision. “It’s devastating,” she said, tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t believe justice has prevailed. My father died at age 38. He was stripped of his opportunity to live life. He was prevented from raising his children, from seeing us grow up and accomplishing our goals.”

Obviously, my father is not here to defend himself. Hence, I have taken this upon myself because I know the truth as well as the injustice that has been performed. My stepmother’s legal defense was paid for by my father’s life insurance proceeds and my family and I believe she profited from the made-for-television monstrosity. Most recently, her financial status has provided her with the ability to hire a media publicist.


I’m feeling like a murdered cop is speaking from his grave years after the fact. John Giduck continues to blame the murdered police officer in this case.

Dennis Yaklich needs a voice as well….if not me, who?


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