Archangel Group wants your money for consulting work…either your organization’s money or your tax dollars. Sadly, if this error filled article on Mumbai and POW Network listed military poser John Giduck‘s equally error filled book, Terror At Beslan, are representative of  Archangel Group’s work, you should strongly reconsider unless you are hiring Archangel Group to write fiction for your organization.

So, Archangel sent three “consultants” to Mumbai…two of whom also happened to be on the taxpayers’ dime from the City of Chester, PA.  We’ve already looked at various inaccuracies in the article penned by Joseph “Yoda” “Joe” Bail…a public figure currently serving as Commissioner of the Chester PA Police force.  Obviously, Joe Bail’s prime investigative days must be behind him because he seems to have an issue researching how many people at various sites in Mumbai.

Let’s look at the terrorist killings around the Cama Hospital as yet another example of the poor research on the part of the Archangel Group team.  There are almost too many errors to keep track of.

Joe Bail writes that 7 people were killed in or around the Cama Hospital in Mumbai:

The terrorists were eventually engaged with small-arms fire by the railroad police, which forced them to flee on foot over a walkway toward the Cama hospital, where they killed four more people.

Shortly thereafter, a police vehicle from the counter terrorist unit arrived, containing three of Mumbai’s senior counter terror police commanders and a fourth constable. The terrorists killed three of the responding senior police officers

4+3=7. It’s sad that Joe Bail’s article was written MONTHS after the Mumbai and the basic facts simply aren’t correct. It’s as bad as John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan.

and then attacked the nearby Cama Hospital, killing two unarmed guards at the entrance and a policeman in a gunfight on the top floor. Then they raced out of the hospital and opened fire on a police SUV, killing Mumbai’s Anti-Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare and two other officers.

Let’s see: 2+1+3 = 6

These two then attacked the Cama Hospital, killing at least 2 hospital guards and one police officer in the hospital, then surprising and killing several police officers in an SUV between the Cama Hospital and adjacent Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, including H. Karkare, head of Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorist Squad.

There is that 6 number again

To be fair to the Archangel group, I also looked for sources that mentioned 7 people being killed.  The only source that I could find dated after 1 Dec 2008 (to account for uncertainties during the actual battle) was this very obviously flawed BBC reference

Seven people were killed inside Cama hospital and nine outside, including several police officers.

None of those numbers are supported elsewhere. As usual, the Archangel Group team of consultants provides no sourcing for their fiction.

Yikes.  These Archangel Group guys suck as analysts.


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