John Giduck describes himself as a “good and patriotic man.” Of course, a reasonable person has to suspend disbelief of that given his claimed long term personal friendships with senior members of foreign intelligence services that can only be described as hostile to the United States. There is also significant evidence that indicates that John Giduck and his business partner, retired Army Special Forces retired SGM John “Andy” Anderson violated the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) along with some other members of Colorado-based Archangel Group.

You can find a link to the full evidence involving ITAR violations in the Sudan by Archangel Group below but let’s look at the high points of the issues with John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson.

Providing Defense Services Requires A License: In order to provide any sort of military training or even tactical advice, a person or organization needs to apply for and hold an approved license issued by the US Department of State.  The definition of defense services is below:

CFR 22§120.9 Defense Services
(a) Defense service means:
(3) Military training of foreign units and forces, regular and irregular, including formal or informal instruction of foreign persons in the United States or abroad or by correspondence courses, technical, educational, or information publications and media of all kinds, training aid,  orientation, training exercise, and military advice.

Licenses For Defense Services In the Sudan Are Denied By Policy:  

CFR 22 §126.1 Prohibited Exports And Sales To Certain Countries
(a) General. It is the policy of the United States to deny licenses and other approvals for exports and imports of defense articles and defense services, destined for or originating in certain countries. This policy applies to Belarus, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Venezuela. This policy also applies to countries with respect to which the United States maintains an arms embargo (e.g., Burma, China, Liberia, and Sudan)

Evidence That John Giduck and John Anderson Provided Defense Services In The Sudan

John Giduck’s activities in the Sudan are a highlight of his books, blogs, and podcasts.  While John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and other members of Archangel Group may have participated in freeing slaves as they claim, they also provided defense services to rebel groups in the Sudan.

Some of the significant evidence includes a conversation captured by well known author, E. Benjamin Skinner .  The people involved in the conversation captured in the Sudan are as follows:
–  “Giduck”: Co-Founder of Archangel Group John Giduck
–  “Anderson”: Co-Founder of Archangel Group and retired Special Forces SGM John A.
–  “Eibner”: Christian Solidarity International CEO Dr. John Eibner

In this conversation, John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson are directly providing what can only be military advice to the Christian Services International CEO, John Eibner, to support the rebels while in the Sudan.

Excerpt from: A Crime So Monstrous: Face-To-Face with Modern-Day Slavery By E. Benjamin Skinner, page 84

This tone of the conversation does not seem like a set of people involved in humanitarian activities or freeing slaves, does it?  More examples and admissions of defense services are provided in the below linked PDF.

What Is The Issue Here?: There are actually a number of issues with what is described above.

Archangel Group Did Not Hold A License For Training Sudanese Rebels: If true, this would mean that John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and other members of the Archangel Group team in the Sudan clearly violated international and US law.  Those laws hold that “defense services” includes military advice and such licenses are denied under US policy.

John Giduck and Archangel Group Have Been Awarded US Government Contracts – U.S. government contractors  are prohibited from violating ITAR and required to report all violations. Federal contracting regulations have been changed to deny contracts to organizations that have violated certain types of related laws.  My opinion is that it is also in the public interest that law enforcement organizations that contract with John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, or Archangel Group be aware that this group arguably boasts of having broken federal and international laws.

John “Andy” Anderson Likely Holds A Federal Firearms License (FFL): John “Andy” Anderson owns a gun store in Colorado so it is reasonable to assume that he also holds a Federal Firearms License. One has to wonder about the activities of someone with an FFL who also is known to be included in events that seem to indicate ITAR violations. That said, only proper authorities can determine if there have been other violations related to ITAR or John “Andy” Anderson’s other training activities.

You can read the full fact sheet about likely ITAR violations by John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Archangel Group here: likely-itar-violations

If you want to more information, here are some resources and contact information

This issue is just another indicator that John Giduck while maintaining to be a “good and patriotic man” has sure been involved in a number of questionable activities.  U.S. citizens are required to report ITAR violations under the law and I believe that the activities of John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have been reported to the proper federal authorities.

Buyer beware.


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