Poor John Giduck.  I guess it’s hard to not act like a professional victim after lying so long. In fact, it’d be easy to begin to believe what is being said. You see, there is now fairly definitive proof that John Giduck did doctor a claim to be in Beslan during the Beslan school massacre in 2004.  He wasn’t.  John Giduck later denied ever saying that he was there…but the internet has a long memory. Let’s look at the claims and evidence…

John Giduck Says That He Never Claimed Being In Beslan

Let’s first look at what John Giduck himself says…not a horseholder like Archangel Group co-founder John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson or other person. John Giduck himself in a 7 May 2012 blog post doctored a false claim on his ironically named “socnet lies” website (notice that the quote is in first person)

As I had not been at Beslan during the siege and battle (claims I have never made),

John Giduck goes on to claim that he arrived in Beslan on 5 September 2004 (which is still very doubtful given John Giduck’s improbable travel timeline to Beslan). However, what is important here is that John Giduck clearly says in the blog post that he NEVER made these claims.

Is the above statement true or a lie?

The Lie About Being In Beslan

In 2007, John Giduck wrote an article entitled “Our Worst Has Got To Be Better Than Their Best” that was published in a SWAT magazine. The article is a puff piece that seems to be a thinly veiled marketing vehicle for John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  In the article, John Giduck gets all emotional about Beslan but clearly states that he’d been in Beslan during the siege and battle.

For me, however, these words merely echo stark visions of shredded bodies, of children brutalized in ways that were unspeakable, and of brave young commandos staring off into space while with trembling voices recounting the horrors confronted while battling to retake the school and save innocent children over a ten hour firefight. You see, I was there for much of this.


Re-read the above again. John Giduck is clearly stating that he was “there for much of the battle and the siege”.  I’m not sure how else this can be read. John Giduck wasn’t there…the ten hour firefight had been over for days and the shredded bodies of children were already in the morgue when John Giduck arrived.

Has John Giduck ever even been present for a single school shooting or terrorist incident? If not, he’s kind of been nowhere for not much of anything despite claims of having held our nation’s highest security clearance and years of claimed terrorist hostage negotiations experience.  Wouldn’t those claims also be lies?

John Giduck has lied in first person quotes about his Beslan arrival dates in other materials as well. He has also allowed others to maintain his “legend” of being on site in Beslan and walking among the bodies.

For example, in an as yet uncorrected 2006 Police magazine article, the text reads:

Author John Giduck, through his extensive personal contacts with Russian special forces, was able to actually go to Beslan while the school was still smoking and bodies were being removed.


One has to wonder from whom the author of the article drew the same conclusion as countless others that have known John Giduck.  In some cases, there is strong evidence that John Giduck was ghostwriting his own claims about walking among the bodies (see the first link in the SEE ALSO section below).

This type of ongoing misinformation only reinforces that John Giduck fully intended to mislead others about his arrival date in Beslan both through his own words and the words of others.

Why This Is Important

John Giduck also claims that he never said that he was in Special Forces or Ranger.  Taken in the light of his Beslan statements and the false statements repeatedly included in his speaker bios, what would a reasonable person believe?


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