At a time when a reasonable person would be expecting retired U.S. Army Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson to be playing the role of “Jackass Whisperer” to John Giduck, it appears that Andy Anderson is doubling down with an expansion of their business relationship. Money must be a hellava drug to make a Special Forces SGM propagate lies about John Giduck (military parachutist?) to other military members/LEOs and engage in further questionable businesses given what has been exposed to date. The excuse, “I didn’t know”, won’t hold anymore.

Why Is John Giduck Smiling?

To clarify, POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have more in common than ownership of US Government contracting firm, Archangel Group, odd personal friendships with high level Russian intelligence officials, and evidence of ITAR violations between them.  They’ve recently formed a few new entities to separate you from your money.

On 17 July 2012, long after facts have come to light about John Giduck, Giduck formed another company Troika Life Team LLC. As usual, the prime beneficiaries seem to be John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson.

Here are the public domain articles of incorporation that involve two public figures that have previously absorbed tax dollars which makes this public interest:

Similarities between Archangel Group and Troika

Archangel Group does more things than simply drain public funds from local LEO organizations based on John Giduck’s arguably inaccurate writings, lack of operational experience, and questionable credentials.  They also self publish John Giduck’s books (perhaps because no one else would?)

The new company organized above, Troika Life Team LLC, not only has a website but also will be doing business as Troika Publishing. On 24 July 2012, they filed the following to do business as a publishing company:

Why Is This Important?

I used to have a friend that would say, “things are governed by their nature – birds gotta fly, flowers have to bloom, con men gotta con, and fish gotta swim”.  That said, a reasonable and prudent person has to wonder why John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson would suddenly form new business entities together.

– Are John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson moving money and/or assets out of Archangel Group?

– The Troika website mentions a camp in Colorado.  This may be the same camp that Archangel Group and John Giduck advertised for and used in conjunction with Russian military arts training.

– Will future error filled John Giduck books be published under the Troika Publishing name instead of Archangel Group and will proceeds from book sales be directed to that new entity?

– As with many things John Giduck, this just looks bad. Would there be something that would make a lawyer like John Giduck be concerned enough to have an exit strategy for his largest money maker? and do so, quietly?

– Perhaps Russian intelligence is just into meditation, yoga, and archery these days and the Giduck/Anderson bro-mance is just there to fill a need…who knows.

On a side note, “Troika” means threesome in Russian….I wonder who the third party might be in that threesome.  Could it be a new video entitled, “E.T.: The Extra Testicle”?  Hopefully, the third is some other new blonde in the long line that, in my opinion,  that look just like Donna Yaklich (right, like I’m the only one that noticed)…

Either way, John “Andy” Anderson seems to be “all in” with John Giduck. One might surmise that a great deal of John Giduck’s high profile military support comes as a result of John Andy Anderson and his lack of integrity about explaining John Giduck’s background and experience.  retired SGM Andy Anderson has done anything but display the integrity and values normally expected from someone that achieved that rank.

While he may not believe himself to be a disgrace to the SF Regiment, no one writes their own legacy.  It’s like having an asterisk in Major League Baseball records.  ITAR violations and blind support for John Giduck will have the same effect on SGM Anderson’s legacy particularly as support for John Giduck continues to crumble.


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