Poor John Giduck. For months, John Giduck’s horse holders have claimed that U.S. Army Special Forces veterans organizations are “squarely standing behind John Giduck”. Turns out (as with most things John Giduck), this isn’t really as true as it may seem.

First, the Special Operations Association revoked John Giduck’s honorary membership. Now, there is rumor that the Special Forces Association (SFA) has rejected any inferences by John Giduck  in terms of  membership or even a relationship.  More importantly, the SFA seems to be contributing a significant financial donation to help offset the costs of MSG Clouse’s legal defense.  This amount is close to what John Giduck has previously donated to the SFA.

This has got to hurt.  It looks remarkably like a tacit rejection of John Giduck’s inferences (great word that totally fits John Giduck’s M.O.) and previous donations to the SFA.

If true, the SFA is following in the footsteps of the Special Operations Association (SOA) to reject all things John Giduck.   We are posting what appears to be an authentic copy of the message from the current President of the Special Forces Association:


The Special Forces Association has a long established, fraternally inspired, policy of helping distressed members. This policy frequently takes the form of monetary support for specific, identified and confirmed need.

In furtherance of this policy the NBO has considered and voted to recognize Decade and Life Member MSG Jonathan Clouse, a serving member of the Regiment, as a Distressed Member. The NBO has verified that MSG Clouse has suffered and continues to suffer acute financial hardship as a direct result of his efforts in questioning the claims of a non-member who, among other statements and actions, inferred a relationship with our Association.

In this regard, the Board further finds that one John Giduck has had no relationship with the Special Forces Association; furthermore, he has neither any membership status, nor has he ever been extended any other rights or privileges by the Association.

In implementing our decision the Board has agreed to the following initial steps, as conditions warrant, the NBO may consider such other actions as it deems necessary and appropriate:

1. The immediate issuance of a check from our General Account in the amount of $2,000 to MSG Clouse for his legal defense.

2. Encouragement to each Association Chapter to assist in this effort, forwarding any monies directly to MSG Clouse.

3. The immediate outreach to both the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust that they each match, on a dollar for dollar basis, the collective donations of our membership.”

For the Regiment
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Jack Tobin
Special Forces Association

Good on them.  Thank you, Jack Tobin.  My faith is somewhat restored in an organization that exists to support US Army Special Forces veterans.  Note the key points about John Giduck:

– “non-member who, among other statements and actions, inferred a relationship with our Association.

“no relationship with the Special Forces Association”

Unlike the Special Operations Association’s ousting of John Giduck, the SFA had couldn’t oust someone with no standing in the organization…so they did the next best thing.  They provided money for MSG Clouse’s legal costs in the same amount as John Giduck’s donations to the SFA. Irony has not been John Giduck’s friend in this case.

One has to wonder why the previous SFA president so strongly defended John Giduck over a serving SF soldier and life member of the Association. There has to be some driving factor and it certainly wasn’t John Giduck’s operational experience. My opinion is that money seems to be a common bond among John Giduck’s ball dusters. I can only hope that these questions will be resolved and answered as part of a separate action.  But I digress…

The amount donated by the SFA to MSG Clouse is significant as well.  Why?  In 2003, John Giduck contributed $500 to the SFA through his “community responsibility center” non-profit (also sending funds illegally to support ITAR violations in the Sudan the same year).  Around 2008, John Giduck also sent donations of approx. $2000  to the SFA.  This means that the Special Forces Association appears to have taken the right step in not only rejecting John Giduck and his donations but also using approximately the same amount of funds to support a lifetime member in his defense against John Giduck.

What’s funny is that, if true, this message from the SFA means that John Giduck, through his own maneuvering, has voluntarily placed himself in a situation where he may indirectly offset some of the costs of MSG Clouse’s potential legal defense.  Hahahaha. As Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon!”.

For such a self proclaimed “smart guy”, John Giduck seems to do really stupid things.  He has demonstrated the tactical skills of someone that has never been involved in tactical situations and the strategic skills of a gnat.

If you’d like to help offset the legal costs of the men and women that have been bullied with a lawsuit for expressing their opinions about a public figure and served by John Giduck, you can make a non-tax deductible donation  via paypal to Rgrjoe175@aol.com.

If you make a donation, keep in mind you are not contributing to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This is NOT a charitable donation and NOT tax deductible.  This is a private paypal account of one the individuals who was served on this lawsuit.  This individual will in turn distribute the monies to various legal entities and others as required to cover the legal costs of certain individuals that have arisen due to these actions. Once all legal matters have been resolved and legal costs are covered, if there are any monies left over, the individual will contribute the remaining funds to a military related charity.

Perhaps John Giduck’s next book should be entitled, “Downward Mobility”…


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