Police Commissioner Joseph Bail may be on his way out in Chester, Pennsylvania. It appears that Chester finally wised up to “the Commish” who as of this blog post still has more about John Giduck and Archangel Group on his official bio than anything else.  One can only hope that some of this involves investigations into Commissioner Bail’s odd, seemingly quid pro quo consulting relationships with John Giduck.

I’ll be the first to admit that this didn’t seem like much at first but a local Chester, Pennsylvania blogger posted this within the context of local Chester politics:

“The police chief seems to be on his way out.”


The same blog post also has a long comment about Chester city politics that states in part:

I will say kudos to Council for their decision to try and rid the city of, let me get it right “Commisioner Bail”. He’s more concerned with Terrorism and mass murderers, maybe he would be a better fit as a Profiler, maybe not.

and then I found this:

Chester council vote could lead to police commissioner’s ouster

CHESTER — If a resolution passed by council Wednesday is any indication, Police Commissioner Joseph Bail might be on his way out — just seven months after being hired.

Council approved a series of personnel-related resolutions, including one that allows the all-Democratic council to remove Bail.


One can only hope that someone in the City Council (or a reporter) really is looking into the possible ethics violations and seemingly quid pro quo contracting relationship among Police Commissioner Joseph Bail, Archangel Group, and John Giduck.  See the link below for more specifics on this. Chester SWAT leader and Dive Team leader Ernie Manerchia also appears to have a continuing consulting relationship with John Giduck and Archangel Group.

Joe Bail has had a business relationship with John Giduck for many years.  From a 2005 article, “Chester Police Sergeant Joe Bail, who is supervisor of the Chester Police Department Narcotics Division and heads the city’s SWAT team, has worked with Giduck for several years.”  (http://www.freedominion.com.pa/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=526351).  That was in 2005…seven years have passed since.

My opinion is that an ethics investigation around quid pro quo contracting between Joe Bail and John Giduck could go WAYYY deeper than the publicly acknowledged $20,000 zodiac boat that john Giduck and Archangel Group provided to the City of Chester a few years back. Why not start with the following statement on John Giduck’s personal blog “About” page

In January 2012 he [John Giduck] was hired to assist in creating the international intelligence section of the Narcotics & Intelligence Unit of the City of Chester (PA) Police Department and also serves as a training coordinator.


To add to the list of items to be looked into, you can read about one person’s claims that Joseph Bail may have made official phone calls on behalf on John Giduck to intimidate him.  This includes the following:

-The Police Department in Chester, PA, called me, telling me that they and the FBI were conducting a criminal investigation. The Police Commissioner for the Chester, PA Police Department is Dr. Giduck’s friend and business partner (in the consulting firm Archangel Group), Joseph Bail.

That “one person” happens to be a serving US Army Special Forces NCO who was awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat. The funny part about the above statement is that Chester, PA had no jurisdiction to make any such call. This raises serious questions about possible misuse of authority and police powers by Joe Bail…all apparently done in the name of helping his friend, John Giduck.

Joe’s a mess…and not even a hot mess at that. The City of Chester deserves to know what Joe Bail may have done with the city’s tax dollars.


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