Poor John Giduck. POW Network listed military faker John Giduck likes to boast about his tactical training ability in CQB, SWAT tactics, negotiations, and other topics. Of course, local police departments seem to either ignore the fact that John Giduck has no military or sworn law enforcement experience at all or, according to some indicators, have been led to believe that John Giduck is something that he is not.  Interestingly, we (meaning taxpayers) have our first public view of what appears to be the results of John Giduck’s training efforts in a real police department and the feedback is not good.

John Giduck’s Claims To Be Training Coordinator For Chester PA Police

Why not start with the following statement on John Giduck’s personal blog “About” page

In January 2012 he [John Giduck] was hired to assist in creating the international intelligence section of the Narcotics & Intelligence Unit of the City of Chester (PA) Police Department and also serves as a training coordinator.


John Giduck has also provided training to the Chester Police Department on numerous occasions. Aside from John Giduck’s own statements, John Giduck’s training of the Chester Police Department has been documented several times in the local Chester newspaper.

John Giduck also has a long history of claiming to be a firearms instructor, CQB trainer, and provider of other tactical advice.  In fact, John Giduck’s claims to have been a firearms instructor have been very clearly made on his own blog:

Archangel Group, including Anderson and Giduck, have previously provided tactical training to military and law enforcement including the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Ft. Carson, Colorado, and Dr. Giduck was personally brought to Ft. Bragg by the Delta Force Command (CAG) to provide training and consulting on more than one occasion, to include time spent on CAG’s compound on the base. What he was specifically asked to do is classified and the subject of a secrecy agreement he had to sign, and he will not discuss it.


and on websites such as Amazon

Mr. Giduck himself is a US Army Special Forces hand-to-hand combat and firearms instructor,


John Giduck’s tactical philosophy for peace officers is also fairly well documented in his book, Terror At Beslan, and in his other writings and speaking engagements. It can only be considered highly aggressive in nature. Here is an representative example:

In his keynote address to the 2007 National Association of School Resources Conference, held against the rugged and forbidding backdrop of Orlando’s Disney World, self-styled tactical and counter-terrorism John Giduck offered a telling glimpse into the mindset of the armed strangers who haunt local government schools:

“You’ve got to be a one-man fighting force…. You’ve got to have enough guns, and ammunition and body armor to stay alive…. You should be walking around in schools every day in complete tactical equipment, with semi-automatic weapons…. You can no longer afford to think of yourselves as peace officers…. You must think of yourself [sic] as soldiers in a war because we’re going to ask you to act like soldiers.” (Emphasis added.)


A Police Officer Is Suing the Chester Police Claiming Substandard Training And Improper Use of Force

Now, let’s look at a lawsuit filed on 28 June 2012 called Rodriguez v. The City Of Chester et al (Case number: 2:2012cv03666). the named defendants are: THE CITY OF CHESTER, THE CITY OF CHESTER POLICE DEPARTMENT, DARREN ALSTON and JOSEPH BAIL, JR.

Here is what has been claimed:

Rodriguez claims in his suit that the Chester Police Department failed to “train, supervise and discipline its officers” and that Chester police “have a history of improper use of force and deadly force.”

Rodriguez also claims he previously warned police management that the department’s firearm training was “substandard, inadequate and insufficiently funded to properly train police officers,” according to the suit. He claims he issued those warnings while serving as a firearms instructor for the department.


What Is A Reasonable Conclusion?

If John Giduck’s claims to be the training coordinator for the Chester Police department are true, then you can see a correlation between John Giduck’s aggressive  tactical philosophy based on no real world military or sworn law enforcement experience and the claims that Officer Rodriguez makes in his lawsuit  (“history of improper use of force and deadly force”).

One can also conclude that John Giduck’s training value to an organization in terms of being able to scope, fund, and provide a training structure  is considered substandard by some people. This isn’t surprising given that John Giduck hasn’t “been there or done that” …despite his boastful claims to the contrary.  The results of John Giduck’s time training in Chester likely shows in the actions of Chester PD and can have truly unfortunate real world consequences …just ask Officer Rodriguez.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that John Giduck may have just told a tall tale about being the Chester PD training coordinator.  In my opinion, that would fit his history and just be another lie supported by his long time friendship with Commissioner Joseph Bail.  But, John Giduck can’t have have it both ways and there is no way to spin this story positively in either case.

More importantly, can people really trust in John Giduck when it’s primarily John Giduck’s own (paid) horse holders that say experience really doesn’t matter?

I hope that Officer Rodriguez’s lawyer looks into the impact that John Giduck may have had on Chester’s training program, Commissioner Joseph Bail’s decision to hire John Giduck, and if these decisions are a determinative factor in Officer Rodriguez’s lawsuit.

Of course, the police department has to bear the costs of any lawsuit and remedy….John Giduck apparently has no responsibility for the real world consequences of his training and seminars. Buyer beware.


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