Poor John Giduck.  He’s like the “little engine that can’t”.  He cant seem to produce documentation of his claimed counter terrorism or tactical credentials. He couldn’t finish military basic training and can’t be the high speed secret squirrel that he imagines himself to be. He can’t even be a lifetime member of the Special Operations Association anymore (honorary or not).  Tooot! Tooot! John Giduck seems better suited to being a little tea cup anyway…you know, short and stout.

Some things to ponder

– If the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the best defense against the Stolen Valor perpetrated by military fakers like John Giduck is “public ridicule” and “counter-speech”, why does John Giduck feel like he has to sue when he knows that the counter-speech is reasonably true?

The Government points to no evidence supporting its claim
that the public’s general perception of military awards is diluted by false claims such as those made by respondent. And it has not
shown, and cannot show, why counterspeech, such as the ridicule respondent received online and in the press, would not suffice to achieve its interest.

US Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Alvarez 2012 (pg 3)

– If he is such a “good and patriotic American”, why would John Giduck obscure the face of a Russian intelligence officer in a photo yet publish the contact information for a serving US Army Special Forces NCO?

John Giduck’s actions while a defense lawyer for Donna Yaklich say a lot about his level of professional integrity.  John Giduck demonstrated the same lack of integrity with his Beslan facts and arrival dates, creation of false supporting data for claimsITAR violations in the Sudan, relationships with high level Russian intelligence officials, activities in Chester PA, and likely use of a fake online persona.

– Why would any tactical unit take ANY tactical advice from someone with no tactical experience? John Giduck is a guy that holds up Beslan as the model of how we should respond to similar incidents in U.S. schools. That apparently plays well in the school resource officer crowd…

– Will John Giduck try to sue those who wish to do us harm as a nation too?

– If John Giduck says that he is a soldier, is he lying? John Giduck failed to complete basic training and the DD214’s that make someone a soldier are only issued after 180 days of service. Plenty of people break bones in basic training, heal, and then go on to graduate…but not John Giduck.

– How could Archangel Group co-founder John “Andy” Anderson claim that John Giduck has undergone “military parachute training” and not be lying?

John’s work still saw him undergo civilian and military parachute and scuba training, and he became an accomplished skydiver, as well as a scuba instructor, teaching.

Chester PA Police Commissioner Josph “Joe” Bail is a consultant for John Giduck’s Archangel Group at the same time that he apparently has John Giduck working for the Chester PA Police.  If true, this may be a real crime that the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act is supposed to prevent.

– If Joe Bail went to the Beslan school as part of a fact finding trip for Archangel Group, why is Joe Bail only credited with helping to edit the book from the safety of a hotel room in the Caribbean and why does Joe Bail not even mention his alleged trip during a July 2005 local newspaper interview ABOUT BESLAN four months after Terror At Beslan was published? The article also credits joe Bail with editing the book. Could Joe Bail be lying about having been in Beslan prior to the book being published?

– How can John Giduck claim “years of terrorist hostage negotiations” experience, when he is simply an author that has never been onsite of any sort of terrorist incident?

– If John Giduck doesn’t run or have operational control over the SOCNET Lies website, why have they gone silent since just after announcing the lawsuit? Don’t “wolfman” or “stephani” have anything to say anymore?

– Is it any surprise that the only people that continue to support John Giduck are his family and those that have a present or past financial interest in his success?