Poor John Giduck.  He must have missed the day in Secret Squirrel poser school when they discussed one of the cardinal rules of posing:  NEVER brag about foreign intelligence connections…especially when they may be real, ongoing, and/or may have been with organizations believed to have bombed a U.S. Embassy.

Russian spymasters must be ecstatic about John Giduck presenting with the Department of Homeland Security’s Acting Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection.  I am writing this out of concern that perhaps DHS hasn’t gotten the memo about John Giduck and his self-proclaimed close, high level Russian intelligence connections and other activities that might make a reasonable person wonder where John Giduck’s patriotic allegiances lie.

You see, among other presentations, John Giduck is slated to appear on stage with William Flynn, Acting Assistant Secretary, NPPD Office of Infrastructure Protection on 19 Oct 2012.  I’m not posting this as ridicule or counter-speech as specified under the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Alvarez (pg 3)  but as part of the responsibility that every clearance holder (if not every US citizen) has to report possible intelligence activities against officials of the US Government. This includes reporting those that have close relationships with known foreign intelligence officials or organizations.


DHS officials might want to ask precisely why John Giduck was forced to flee to the state of West Virginia in 1993.

Why is this appearance a problem?

In case that you haven’t followed, John Giduck has not only befriended senior Russian KGB, FSB, and GRU intelligence officers but also has had them over to his house on personal visits.  Additionally, evidence shows that John Giduck has been actively involved in ITAR violations and use of Child soldiers in various countries.  Lastly, John Giduck associates himself with a group that the Washington Times says blew up a U.S. Embassy.

Is this someone that a senior DHS official wants to share a stage with?

This may be a huge score for Russian intelligence. John Giduck and his Russian friends may get access to the highest level of U.S. Infrastructure Protection.

What can you do?

Contact The Event:


Toll Free / 800.423.9737
Fax / 417.881.1865

Let them know exactly who they have on the agenda and what his background is. Be polite and professional.

Contact DHS IG

I doubt DHS knows about John Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts (documented in various posts on this blog that include John Giduck’s tendency to have his circle of friends with clearances meet with Russian spymasters). They likely also do not know about his self-association with a group that bombed a U.S. Embassy or the evidence that links him and his company to alleged ITAR violations.

DHS IG Office: https://www.oig.dhs.gov/hotline/hotline.php

Again, please be polite and professional.

Contact Your U.S. Congressman or Senator

Seriously consider doing this.

John Giduck, Archangel Group Co-Founder John “Andy” Anderson, and another Archangel Group consultant who apparently moonlights as Police Commissioner of Chester, PA have all bragged about the depth of john Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts.  There is strong evidence that John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have broken federal ITAR statutes.  This is information that needs to be taken very seriously….and it is all of our responsibilities to communicate these sorts of concerns.


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