Poor John Giduck.  His lies are catching up to him and the internet continues to not be his friend. I have a feeling that discovery and having people under oath will not help his case either if things come to that. Why? What if he provided information to an author where he is clearly listed as an honorably discharged Special Forces soldier?  There would only be one solution…sue the internet!

John Giduck As “Honorably Discharged American Soldier”

This time, let’s start in the high visibility middle rather than at the beginning as usual.

Author and Security Consultant Frank Borelli published a series of articles in 2006 about terrorist doctrine in Defense Review magazine…the first was published on 19 May 2006 and the second on 19 August 2006 (3 months apart – the dates themselves will be important later). Both articles specifically thank John Giduck for his help with the article. There is enough praise for John Giduck, a man without any recognized operational credentials in 2006,  that a reasonable person might think that John Giduck might have helped edit the articles.

The first part of the 19 May article is here:


Note that Mr. Borelli specifically states that he is “merely reiterating [John Giduck’s] material” and that he hopes that he got it right.  So, merely reiterating John Giduck’s material, he seems to manage repeating some claims that people have somehow managed to say about John Giduck for years…that John Giduck is a soldier and that he is hilariously a survivor of eight wars/conflicts.


By now, as an avid reader of this blog, you have to know that John Giduck only spent 58 days on active duty.  For reference, 180 days is the norm for receiving an honorable discharge. It is unknown if John Giduck actually has a honorable discharge as he claims because he failed to complete basic military training after only 58 days of military service.

Besides that, keep in mind, there is at least one portion of that statement  above in this first article that John Giduck maintains untrue and that John Giduck in his lawsuit denies EVER having said or approved. It’s the 8 conflicts part; the special forces part will be covered later in this post.

From John Giduck’s lawsuit:

So, John Giduck clearly denies ever having made the false statement that he aloowed himself to be represented as “Special Forces” or that he presents himself as a survivor of eight conflicts. He clearly wants to sue those that say that he represented himself as either (remember that these claims were printed in Defense Review magazine, a well respected publication that John Giduck likely read after each article.

Three Months Later, John Giduck Still Listed As “Honorably Discharged Soldier”

The second article was published three months after the first. Here is the beginning of the second article:


John Giduck Characterized As “Special Forces Soldier”

As background, Frank Borelli had a dedicated website for his consulting services and articles (http://borelliconsulting.com).  The website no longer appears to be online.

However, an archived version of the site still exists. On that archived website, the first published revision of the  same article above but dated 4 May 2006 still can be found online. This earlier version is dated two weeks prior to the defensereview.com article and apparently remained unmodified until October 2007 (18 months later)

Here is what that archived version from 4 May 2006 shows for John Giduck’s credentials:

Mr. John Giduck is an honorably discharged American Special Forces Soldier, survivor of eight wars / conflicts. He is also president of the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting and training at all levels of public safety and military operations.


The Next Major Change In October 2007

The next change in John Giduck’s legend as characterized by Mr. Borelli occured in Oct 2007.  It is important to note that this is AFTER the March 2007 date that uncomfortable questions and scrutiny about John Giduck’s credentials were being raised on multiple websites including SOCNET.

Mr. Borelli had changed John Giduck’s legend in this 2007 revision to read as follows:

Mr. John Giduck provides instructional services to the United States Special Forces for various topics. He is also president of the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization…


Quite the difference….

This series of changes actually matches a fundamental contention  of this blog (TTASL) and the opinion of this blog’s admin(s).  There is strong evidence that demonstrates that  John Giduck changed his legend over time according to the level of scrutiny and uncomfortable questions that he was receiving.

My opinion follows of how this developed split into three phases. Phase 1 was up through mid 2005 where he was strictly an lawyer and author that had toured the Beslan school, interviewed officials, and wrote a book. Phase 2 was where he began to believe his own legend and tell people that he was something that he was not.  I believe that this was done with the full knowledge and consent of people like Joe Bail, John “Andy” Anderson, and other former members of the SOF community who saw the chance to make money. Phase 3 was the cleansing of the claims from phase 2, denial that they ever happened, and the legal pursuit of those that expose the prior information that still exists out in the dark corners of the internet.

Mr. Borelli’s website also raises the question of just how much information John Giduck may have deleted or had others delete to support his latest legend(s).

What May Have Happened In This Case?

A key point is that Frank Borelli was working from his notes and the first version of John Giduck’s legend was the same mischaracterization repeated across other organizations and multiple years. Interesting..here are some of the scenarios that in my opinion could have happened:

Option #1: John Giduck told Frank Borelli that he was Special Forces either privately or as part of the seminar that Mr. Borelli attended. Mr. Borelli simply wrote down what he was told.  Once John Giduck realized that the article was to go out to a wide military audience, John Giduck then “corrected” the original statement to “honorably discharged American soldier” which also intentionally misrepresents John Giduck’s military experience. This later had to be changed as well.

Option #2: Frank Borelli magically arrived at the flawed conclusion that John Giduck was specifically Special Forces and that he had been honorably discharged as such. Remember that Mr. Borelli did not write that John Giduck was  a SEAL, Spetsnaz, or anything else…but he specified “American Special Forces”. Of course, you’d have to believe that this was without any input from John Giduck and just happened to be the same as the multitude of other people and organizations that believed John Giduck to be SF.  Yeah, right.

In either case, Mr. Borelli had to conclude Special Forces from someone.  The evidence also shows that John Giduck may have had at least some input into the biographical information about John Giduck that was being presented on Mr. Borelli’s website between 2006 and late 2007.

Here are the question raised by Mr. Borelli’s posts:

– Why was John Giduck ever described as a Special Forces soldier at all?  << key question

– Why were the posts changed and who wanted the posts changed?

– If John Giduck, what rationale was provided for the changes?

– Why wasn’t the special forces description changed with the changes made for the Defense Review article instead of being allowed to linger “uncorrected” for 18 months?

Of course, there will be a very easy way to clear this up.  My opinion is that the defendants should call Frank Borelli to the stand and let him explain under oath why the first version specifically called John Giduck an “honorably discharged Special Forces Soldier” and the source of that statement. Let the chips fall where they may as far as the truth that comes out under oath and cross-examination.

This new information from the archived website also blows more huge holes in MSG Hetrick’s letter of support with regards to John Giduck. My opinion is that everyone associated with John Giduck that continues to maintain his lie(s) looks like a fool as new contrarian information continues to emerge from internet archives.

Perhaps selling one’s honor has limits too…

10 September 2012 Update:  Thanks for making this article a very popular one.  On a side note, we also broke our overall single day viewing record (several thousand in a single day) just 13 hours into the “server day” after posting the above!  There are still 11 more hours to go but there’s a lot of cops and commandos reading about John Giduck’s tricks and lies!


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