Poor John Giduck.  The internet is beginning to spit back incriminating fragments of his background and they aren’t looking good. In fact, the 2001 bio appears to be even more evidence that John Giduck likely began lying about his background sometime around the publication of his book, Terror At Beslan.  Look at the bio first and then let’s do some analysis afterward.

So, here in all of its less then inspiring, low speed glory is an archived version of John Giduck’s biography as of 8 March 2001 (it was changed by April 2001).  You can click on the images to enlarge them if needed or directly view the archived version at the link below.

Source:  http://web.archive.org/web/20010305194352/http://systemamartialart.com/classes/classes.html

Summary of John Giduck’s 2001 biography:  In 2001, John Giduck was a practicing attorney with an interest in organized crime who had traveled in Russia on business at times, taken a language course there, and knew enough Russian hand-to-hand techniques to teach as well as call himself a bodyguard.  Sadly, that’s about it.

On a side note, there is the funny pairing of “John Giduck” and “Basic Training” on the title bar of the archived site – funny in that John Giduck was only tough enough to gut out 58 days of US Army basic training….perhaps that’s why he attended one to two week adventure camps thereafter.  When you own the company that provides the training, it’s harder to fail. But, I digress…

The above bio clears up a number of items as well as raises a LOT more questions about the legend that John Giduck built for himself through his published bios in later years.

Question #1:  When precisely did John Giduck acquire all of his claimed high speed operational skills? The 2001 bio confirms that John Giduck was a practicing attorney in 2001 and attending conferences through much of the late 1990s.  He seems to have not spent very much time in Russia or any time involved with hostage rescue, tactical diving, CQB, or any other sort of actual  operational training. The only training of any interest is the relatively low-speed FBI Citizens academy which is a weekend event to orient people to what the FBI does.

There is also no mention of being certified in VITYAZ anti-terror training and operations as of 2001.  This omission only strengthens the assertion that John Giduck’s anti-terrorism and counter terrorism credentials were actually gained from one to two week military style adventure camps held in Russia between Fall 2001 and 2003. The camps were offered by John Giduck’s own organizations.

More importantly, why would so many organizations like FEMA and police departments confuse John Giduck with “special forces anything” based on this background presented above if John Giduck wasn’t telling them so?

– Question #2: Where are the years of “terrorist hostage negotiations” or “most of 18 years in a Russian uniform” that John Giduck claims? There’s no mention of them at all.  John Giduck said it and gets paid based on the claims…we are just asking as part of the public interest.

Question #3: On what professional or operational basis would the Special Operations Association run by John Giduck’s friend, MSG(ret) Jim Hetrick, award John Giduck their Silver Service Award within two years of this biography?  It looks more and more like the Silver Service award was awarded for donating the 30 pieces of silver to gain access to the SOA. This is a paltry price for someone with extensive high level and ongoing foreign intelligence connections to have access to the biographical information and inner working of a veterans organization with a membership consisting of the highest speed special operations veterans in the US military.

– Question #4: How and why would John Giduck transform from the above resume to the bio below by February 2004 and be believed by ANYONE? Note the datestamp in the PDF document of February 2004 and all of the “special training” that John Giduck claims to have by then.


Hostage rescue? Improvised explosives? Tactical underwater operations? Really? All this done between 2001 and 2004 while conducting legal cases too. There is also the question of travel…John Giduck wants us to believe that between March 2001 and 2005, he traveled to and became involved in at least 8 conflict areas.  Ummm-kay.   The dude couldn’t even make it to Beslan when he claimed…..

See why John Giduck’s claimed background looks absolutely ridiculous to those real special operators that have nothing to gain from John Giduck’s apparent largesse?

The only people being fooled are the taxpayers that continue to support this charlatan.


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