Poor John Giduck. A reasonable person cannot help but wonder where his true allegiances are.  now, there’s evidence that he would never jeopardize the  status of his friends that serve in some of Russia’s most classified military units.  Of course, in a wildly unpatriotic move, John Giduck seems to be perfectly willing to jeopardize the status of a serving US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant. Well, anyone really that hurts his easily hurt feelings.  John Giduck’s true colors are often shown when things count the most.

This is an easy one.  You likely already know the story of how John Giduck boastfully exposed the personal details of a serving Special Forces soldier. While reading that soldier’s Silver Star narrative below, think to yourself why John Giduck who is supposedly a friend of the military would release such information.

NARRATIVE TO ACCOMPANY AWARD: Sergeant First Class Jonathan Clouse, United States Army, heroically distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous conduct in the face of the enemy of the United States as the Special Forces Liaison, Marine Special Operations Company H, Special Operations Task Force – 73, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM XII. On 26 June 2008, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan directed that Marine Special Operations Teams ONE and TWO respond to a time sensitive target in Heart Province, Afghanistan. Large rocks and boulders lined the path along the entire route into the restrictive and mountainous target area. Sergeant First Class Clouse was with the forward dismounted element when it began receiving accurate machine gun and sniper fire from the mountainside overlooking its position. With members of the team gravely wounded, Sergeant First Class Clouse provided immediate medical aid to the nearest casualty. Another member of the element received a life-threatening wound, and Sergeant First Class Clouse ran through the kill zone to render further medical attention under heavy machine gun fire that struck the back of his body armor. Ignoring the sustained enemy fire, he provided advanced medical aid to his fallen team member until the casualty succumbed to his wounds. Reacting to the calls for assistance from other wounded, Sergeant First Class Clouse again ran through the kill zone to provide medical attention. As he crossed the kill zone, enemy sniper fire struck his weapon, rendering it unserviceable. Reaching his fallen comrade, he provided desperately needed medical attention and stabilized the wounded individual. From his new position he began directing incoming Close Air Support. His actions became critical in adjusting the impact onto the enemy fighting positions, enabling the element to move the wounded out of the kill zone. After stabilizing four patients with gunshot wounds, Sergeant First Class Clouse again showed disregard for his own safety and helped recover a wounded Afghan National Army Soldier from the kill zone to the medical evacuation platform in time for extraction. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself, the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan, Special Operations Command Central, and the United States Army.


Well, it turns out that john Giduck is a friend of the military. The only problem is that he is a friend of the RUSSIAN military and, according to his own statements, would not jeopardize the status of his Russian military friends that serve in secret Russian military units.

Here are John Giduck’s own words on the matter:

Source: Terror At Beslan, page 34


“I was not about to jeopardize their status” – John Giduck

This isn’t a one time quote or action on the part of John Giduck.  John Giduck has had and likely maintains friendships with GRU members – the GRU is an organization that the Washington Times claims may have bombed a US Embassy. Again, in another example below, John Giduck protects the identity of an apparent Russian intelligence operative ON HIS OWN WEBSITE…again, something that he seemingly was unwilling to do for US soldiers. (click the image below to view in full size)

Source: johngiduck.com

Ask yourself this question:  why are our tax dollars supporting someone that seems more loyal to his Russian military counterparts than to his own military?

If John Giduck is so easily willing to sell out the personal information of a serving active duty special forces soldier, what will he do with the personal information of law enforcement officers and military that attend his seminars? Is it possible that our tax dollars are funding this charlatan at the expense of the security and safety of our Nation?

Actions speak louder than words. look at what john Giduck has done to those that he supposedly serves – bad mouthed them through his personal mouthpiece site, sued them, and exposed their personal information.  Now the same guy, John Giduck, will be sharing the stage with a DHS secretary charged with protecting US infrastructure.  In my opinion, if our first responders believe that John Giduck is the best and brightest that the US has to offer for keeping the US safe, the terrorists really have won.

Clowns can’t protect anyone.


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