Many organizations have been asking questions about John Giduck and Archangel Group for many years….

This post from November 2005 asks a very intriguing question given that John Giduck had claimed non-profit status for Archangel Group beginning in 2003. You can click on the image above to see a full sized version.  Note that the post is from 21 Nov 2005.

Note that the claimed non profit status of Archangel Group is as fuzzy as the biographical details of John Giduck. John Giduck appears to have changed the status to “for profit” as their required non-profit IRS form 990s end in 2008. but as an example of the problem, Archangel Group consultant Joseph Bail who apparently moonlights as the Police Commissioner for Chester, PA still has Archangel Group listed as a non-profit in his revised official bio that was re-written and reposted online in 2012.

As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations,

Accuracy of information has apparently never been a strong suit of Archangel Group or their consultants.  That said, apparently in return for serving as a consultant for Archangel Group, Chester PA did receive a new zodiac boat courtesy of the same John Giduck owned non-profit valued at $20,000 (click the image to see a very clear copy)

from Archangel’s 2007 IRS Form 990 found at

Was this an attempt to get around the Pennsylvania State Ethics act, another case of political quid pro quo for archangel contracts with the city of Chester, or a legitimate use of a non-profit’s funds?  In my opinion, it sure smells funny.