I’ll admit to knowing a lot about John Giduck. He’s a public figure and I like to follow the things that he’s published and consented to be published about him.  These include his seminar bios. I like John Giduck if only because of the relentless redefinition of words like “truth”, “honor”, “lies” and integrity that he and his horse holders have waged.  While writing another post in which I misspelled one of the words in Russian, it dawned on me that I had not seen any of John Giduck’s biographies online with spelling errors…only factual errors. So, this post digs into some of John Giduck’s bios and demonstrates that all of the factual errors contained therein benefit John Giduck in some way.

John Giduck wants us to believe that he had nothing to do with the publication of seminar bios that clearly state that he was a former Ranger or Special Forces.   Some of these errors date from as early as 2005.  With respect to these errors, John Giduck’s mouthpiece site said the following in a socnetlies post:

Further, at all his speaking engagements, [John Giduck] goes out of his way to clarify that he does not have a military background. This has been verified by numerious [sic] people who have attended his presentations.

– source: SOCNETLies dated 14 Feb 2012

You’ll see how far John Giduck goes to “clarify” at ALL of his events that he has no military background in the examples below.  You decide if he does or not.

Because all events ask speakers for bios and publish the bios without changes, the open questions are as follows:

– Why would an event organizer add false information to a speaker bio?

– Why would John Giduck, a obviously detail oriented lawyer who seems to manage to scan and to remove all negative information, not review and correct those incorrect bios particularly after the first factual errors were published?

My opinion is that John Giduck had both motive and opportunity to use his speaker bios to mislead law enforcement, military members, and the public even at events that were funded by tax dollars. This is confirmed by the common theme of factual errors that only benefit John Giduck’s false legend – there are no negative factual errors.

Let’s look at some examples.

In May 2006, the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police published the following seminar bio that falsely listed John Giduck as a former “Army Ranger”:

“Presented by: John Giduck, MA, JD, former Army Ranger, and president of the Archangel Anti-Terror Group, is a recognized international terrorism expert and author of Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America & Yuri Ferdigalov, a decorated war veteran of the elite Soviet GRU Spetsnaz.”


and six months later in November 2006, the following bio was published;

“John Giduck MBA, JD, former Army Ranger and Yuri Ferdigalov, former Russian Special Forces veteran were called to Beslan, as consultants, days after the terrorists occupied the school and before the counter assault began. They have a compelling story for American schools and safety forces.

cached version:,138b7b5e&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=pV8pAqywVkDmGABbCUrKkw–

Now, let’s look at the commonalities

– Both clearly and falsely state that John Giduck is a former Army Ranger. This false information clearly benefits John Giduck in selling services to local, state, and federal government organizations using a background story and credentials that he never earned.

– Both bios spell “Ferdigalov” correctly.  I still can’t spell Yuri’s last name correctly without referencing it.  What materials did these two conferences reference to ensure that the spelling was correct and who provided those materials?

– MBA vs. MA: both bios oddly include the educational degrees in the same format right after John Giduck’s name. Note that this error is the only non-beneficial common factual error in ANY of his seminar bios online (some bios also say “MS”).  In my opinion, this is likely a simple transcription error from another written source.

Let look at another example.

“The Colorado Springs Police Department, the Canon City Police Department and the Central Mountain Foundation invite the public to attend a one-day seminar presentation on the terrorist seizure of Russia’s Beslan Middle School. Mr. John Giduck, a former 10th Special Forces Group member and an international Anti-Terror School instructor will discuss the terrorist-hostage siege at Beslan Middle School, where more than 300 people were murdered.


This bio was published in November 2005 and remains uncorrected as of this blog post in 2012.  Again, John Giduck wants us to believe that he did not provide the incorrect information or consent to the information that was published. This example is notable for the level of detail that is not only included but matches other biographical information that John Giduck had either provided or consented to.

– In 2005, the details of Beslan were essentially unknown in the U.S.  If John giduck didn’t provide this speaker bio, a reasonable person might simply include “Russia’s Beslan school”. But that’s not what is here: “Beslan Middle School” is included here.  If John Giduck did not write this bio, who would know to include this detail?

– John Giduck isn’t just described as being a civilian contractor to Special Forces or member of Special Forces. Oddly, John Giduck is very specifically mentioned as being a member of 10th Special Forces Group. If that detail was not included in a bio provided by John Giduck, who (other than John Giduck himself) would have motive to include that odd and incorrect detail?

John Giduck supporter and disgraced founding member of SEAL Team 6 puts things in perspective about the level of control around dissemination of information within Archangel Group: (bold emphasis is mine)

John Giduck and the Archangel “team” does not publish anything nor teach anything without first consulting close “advisors” who were experts in their fields and combat veterans.


The positive here is that, like Frank Borelli’s original post claiming that John Giduck was special forces qualified, the participants who were involved in the development of the speaker bios shown here as examples as well as the countless others can be summoned to court and deposed as part of John Giduck’s own lawsuit.  All that deposition will be in the public record for you to see.

This has been a long post but I’ll leave you with the very fitting words of Archangel Group consultant Joseph Bail who seems to also be moonlighting as Chester Pennsylvania’s Police Commissioner and recipient of John Giduck’s non-profit largesse:

The amazing thing about America is that Freedom of the Press also means the freedom to bullshit and the ability to misinform the public.


My opinion is that Joe Bail has never said more true words when used in the context of John Giduck and Archangel Group’s approach to doing business.


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