Poor John Giduck.  More information keeps coming to light that raises questions about if he and his fellow Archangel Group consultants misled and continue to mislead law enforcement, military, and homeland security professionals about John Giduck’s actual background and lack of operational credentials. Given the money that Giduck, Bail, Anderson, and company were collectively earning (or receiving as “like kind gifts” such as new $20,000 Zodiac boats), they have had more than enough motive and opportunity to mislead everyone about John Giduck’s credentials and…err..shortcomings.

Let’s look how Joe Bail misled all of us.  What follows is an excerpt from an article written by Chester Pennsylvania Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and posted on the Archangel Group’s own website: (bold text is mine)

For all of these reasons, virtually everything in the Washington Monthly article fails. Its targets are experienced, credentialed, honest, committed Americans providing much needed training to American law enforcement. The authors failed to destroy the reputations of the people they targeted. And the facts, as they state them, are false, or skewed to create false impressions.


In the same article, Joe Bail neither makes mentions of nor adds commentary to a direct quote by John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson (co-founder of Archangel Group) discussing John Giduck’s military background:

This is probably due to the fact that he [John Giduck] does not come from a military background.

Anderson either lied in that quote or performed no due dilence on his business partner’s claims. John Giduck’s easily obtained official military records can be found here. My opinion is that Anderson lied and we’ll cover the details of this seemingly persistent lie in a future blog post. But Joe Bail admits elsewhere in July 2011 that he [Joe Bail] knew that John Giduck spent time in the military:

Nevertheless, he is an expert, and a world class one at that. He [John Giduck] may not have spent any lengthy time in the U.S. military, but I know first hand of his exposure to the special forces of numerous other countries and what he has learned from them.


This raises the question of the value of being “cool by association”.  We know that John Giduck for whatever reason could not gut out US Army basic training.  Does teaching a singularly focused topic such as hand-to-hand or the details of an incident in Russia raise one’s credentials to being an “operator”, “credentialed”, or “experienced”?  Likely not.  And, sadly, Joseph Bail as a 40 year law enforcement professional would have known that he’s being “less than honest” with his use of words here. 

So, Joe Bail clearly knew that John Giduck spent time in the military and clearly knew it wasn’t “lengthy”.  John Giduck and Joe Bail had been friends for at least 10 years at that point so they must have shared the basic training failure story over a beer.

Remember that Joe Bail was working for Archangel Group as a consultant, and had even received a new $20,000 Zodiac as a “charitable donation” (my opinion: payment for services that needed to be obfuscated for some reason).  Joe Bail has motive and opportunity to mislead you for his own personal gain or that of his department.

Below is the John Giduck signed IRS Form 990 entry for that transaction:

from Archangel’s 2007 IRS Form 990 found at http://socnet.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18807&d=1326067964

One has to wonder just how honest and committed Joseph Bail is given the above.


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