Poor John Giduck. The internet is revealing serious dishonesty on his part as the result of his own words. Because he chooses to hide behind the words of others like a scared child behind a mother’s skirt rather than be a man, those few words that can be attributed to him become even more important in determining if he has been deceiving us, the tax paying public.  As always, we’ll stick to the facts and let John Giduck stick to his denials through his mouthpiece website and circle of buddies.

Before we start, this is an entirely new series of blog posts that will demonstrate evidence that John Giduck and his company, Archangel Group, often appear to be the source of many of the lies and misleading statements about John Giduck’s false “legend” that he’s spent years building about his background and experiences. This series will primarily focus on John Giduck’s own words as well as changes to other people’s statements that be reasonably attributed to John Giduck or Archangel Group.

John Giduck Knows That The Mopping Up Story Is False

Many people have been fooled into believing that John Giduck arrived in Belsan. While john Giduck sure seems to constantly scour the net looking to clean up negative information about himself, he doesn’t seem to apply the same rigorous approach to cleaning up untrue information if it benefits him. I’m referring to completely false yet routinely printed information such as what was printed in a 2006 issue of Police magazine as an example…there are many more.

Author John Giduck, through his extensive personal contacts with Russian special forces, was able to actually go to Beslan while the school was still smoking and bodies were being removed.


As an example, John Giduck made few (if any) attempts to clear up his Beslan arrival date controversy.  He had to when it became apparent that there was no timeline that fit John Giduck’s claims to have arrived in Beslan prior to the end of combat operations on 3 Sept 2004. In the “see also” links below, you’ll find that John Giduck has changed his arrival date twice after very uncomfortable questions were raised.

The first change was a 4 September 2004 arrival which still could not have fit any timeline and finally, John Giduck settled on his current story of having arrived 2 full days later on 5 September 2005 long after all of the charred bodies that he initially claimed to have seen had been in the morgue for a long time.  This author’s opinion is that the facts don’t support John Giduck’s claims to have arrived on 5 September either.

Regardless, what is important to note is that even John Giduck’s current story in no way supports his legend of being in Beslan during mopping up operations.

The False Legend Of John Giduck Arriving During Mopping Up Operations In Beslan Through The Words Of Others

Let’s look how it was out there and how other reasonable people believed it though.  They believed it and retold it to others. In short, they unknowingly provided credibility to a false story.

Here are three such examples from 2005 and 2006

The last one listed above is from a speaker biography from an organization in the public interest. Speaker bios are normally provided by the speaker themselves and published as-is.  This one says that he arrived during mopping up operations. Ok, we all understand that John Giduck can (and likely will) claim that these were written by others…even the speaker bio.

The Same False Legend Appears In John Giduck’s Book

Hmm, oddly, the same false legend appears in John Giduck’s own book, Terror At Beslan.

You can find the full quote from the book here.

But there is still some plausible deniability. John Giduck can say that, though this appears in his book, it is actually a quote from someone else.  I’m sure that he will throw in “editorial oversight” or something along those lines as well.

The Same False Legend Found In John Giduck’s Own Words

I’ve had to reconstruct the entire quote here using Google since the published work costs more than $200 to get a reprint.  I’ll write out the quote in full and then show the reconstruction – you can do the same in google by searching “JPCN” and the key words.

…teacher, historian, and author John Giduck. Explains the author, “I was there; I arrived when mopping up operations were taking place and then again three more times over the next months to gather more information.

The above is a direct quote from John Giduck.  There isn’t any way to explain the quote away or spin it positively.  The source of this information published by others is a lie by John Giduck to mislead people into believing that he was there in Beslan when he wasn’t. John Giducl’s ikely been telling this false story for a while before it was directly quoted and attributed to him. How else would people know to use the same words to retell it?

John Giduck’s propensity to lie spans more than his arrival in Beslan. We’ll soon be demonstrating the same type of strong evidence with John Giduck’s special forces claims.

For the record, here is the reconstruction for the quote above:

If any readers have access to the 2006 Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations volume 1 at work (or want to buy it), please post a scan of the quote from the article someplace under Fair Use or post a comment as to where it can be found.

Anyway, your tax dollars seem to be funding someone that evidence shows likes to make up stories to support his claims. John Giduck’s friends want you to believe that you should just take John Giduck at his word. This blog is full of hard evidence of false claims by John Giduck.

How much more evidence will it take to convince you?


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