Below are nine amazing similarities between John Giduck and Obama. They are a lot more similar than many might believe.

1) Both John Giduck and Obama achieved their current positions with an astonishing lack of prior experience and credentials: prior to 2011 when John received a PhD related to terrorism, the only credentials related to counter-terrorism or anti-terrorism that John Giduck had listed in his bio was a claim to be VITYAZ-certified which seems to have originated from a civilian military style adventure camp promoted by John Giduck’s own companies and a level 5 certificate in Homeland security which apparently can be gained by writing a check.

2) Both John Giduck and Obama have staff and influential supporters that positively spin their accomplishments and negatively spin information critical of them: John Giduck like Obama uses the usual suspects (Bail, Anderson, Grossman, Thor, Hetrick, etc.) who, not surprisingly, all seem to have a hand in the Archangel group till or are involved in the book selling business (writing forewards, selling books at shows, etc.).  Many of these supporters know the truth about John Giduck but choose  or prefer to not mention it to you, their potential clients, in order to sell you something.  Rachael Maddow seems more manly than anyone in John Giduck’s circle though.

3) Both John Giduck and Obama have built their power base by aiming at the lowest common denominator: arming school resource officers with body armor and machine guns? Sending fireman into terrorist held buildings armed only with fire hoses? Empire builders and people without tactical backgrounds seem to eat that kind of ego boosting stuff up even when the tactical rationale is just plain stupid.

4) Both John Giduck and Obama seem to believe in “redistribution”: The only difference is that John Giduck wants to redistribute tax money to Archangel Group to be further redistributed to his circle of friends.
5) Both John Giduck and Obama always look for the easy photo-op to influence you: John Giduck must have been spetsnaz because he has the photos to prove it, right? No matter that they were taken at a summer camp or if they were taken in the Sudan doing what women participating in religious based trips do every day.

6) Both John Giduck and Obama want YOU to be dependent on them and the programs that they create:  John Giduck has proposed “solutions” requiring likely billions of dollars of US Government funding. All John Giduck needs now is the “Giduck phone” that dials back to Russian intelligence agencies.

7) Both John Giduck and Obama have uncomfortable questions always swirling around them about their true allegiances: John Giduck’s problem is that is his activities support many of the concerns about his allegiances (ongoing friendships with senior Russian intelligence officials, blurring out photos and using pseudonyms for Russian intel officials while exposing the personal information of multiple U.S. Special Forces soldiers, etc.)

8) Both John Giduck and Obama maintain strong ties in communities known for high levels of corruption:  Chicago is only a bigger version of Chester PA

9) Both John Giduck and Obama use the military in their own self-interest: John Giduck used the military when it suited him….contracts, allowing false claims of service to create a military legend for him, etc….but where are his donations to charitable military organizations that aren’t run by friends of his? He claims 100 events per year and cant find time to write a check to any of the real charities?  nice….tell me again how much he respects and cares about the military that so unceremoniously gave him the boot after 58 days?

“Spineless”, “indecisive”, “empty suit”, and “poor strategist” seem to all fit as well.  However, my lawyer(s) frowned at my examples to support those so I won’t use them.  If you can think of other similarities, post them as a comment.

Edited to add from a comment that the poster asked not to attribute: “From last night’s debate performance, it looks like Giduck shares the habit of having his minions blame others for his own shortcomings.”

Some ways that they aren’t similar?  Obama doesn’t claim any tactical background or have a big gut.


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