This is another one of our posts that appears to expose John Giduck as the source of a lie about his background and credentials. This post completely blows apart John Giduck’s argument that none of the plaintiffs in his lawsuit ever mentioned or inferred that John Giduck was Special Forces.  The part that I like is that, once again, the proof has been right on the Archangel Group website for years.  Buckle yer chinstraps…and be ready to disbelieve anything that John Giduck or his “Ministry of Propaganda” says from this point on.

What this blog post will establish:

– A 2005 Amazon book review in which John Giduck is attributed to being a Special Forces soldier appears to have been edited at least twice

– Archives of the original text of the Amazon review can be traced back to early 2006 (5 months after the original post date)

– The first text change from “soldier” to “special forces soldier” appears to have originated on Archangel Group’s own website in 2007 and NOT as part of edits of the original Amazon review.  Nothing else in the review appears to have changed.

– The evidence shows that the Amazon review was changed in 2009 to match Archangel’s website and then  changed back from “Special forces soldier” to “former soldier” on the Amazon website sometime between 2010 and  2012.  Oddly, the Archangel Group website continues to read “Special Forces” as of this blog post.

Please keep the following in mind while digesting this blog post

Dr John Giduck has maintained from the beginning that he has nothing to hide and that the misinformation, lies and attacks were being perpetrated with deliberate malice and reckless indifference.

SOCNETLies post dated 17 June 2012

Current Amazon Reviews Say That John Giduck Is A Former Soldier But Appear To Have Been Edited

Let’s look at the very simple and obvious facts.  On 24 Nov 2005, J. Bierly posted a well written review of John Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan:

Note that the current text of this review clearly states “former soldier”.  The archive of this Amazon review of Terror at Beslan appears to have been edited however.   The available archives of this review between 2 April 2009 and  7 Nov 2010 archive of this review clearly states that John Giduck is “special forces” where the current version states “former soldier”.  This means that the change to “former soldier” occurred sometime after Nov 2010 likely as a reaction to uncomfortable questions that were being raised about John Giduck’s Special Forces claims.

These changes raise some interesting questions:

– Why would J. Bierly change his review from describing John Giduck as “Special Forces” to “former soldier”?

– Did John Giduck or anyone from Archangel Group ask J. Bierly to make that small but incredibly significant change?

– When exactly did the change take place?

– Was “Special Forces” in the original review posted in Nov 2005?

The First Special Forces Descriptions of John Giduck In The Amazon Review Started On Archangel Group’s Website And Still Remain There

The “special forces” claims in the review can actually be traced quite a bit farther through the archives.  Oddly enough, the source of these claims of the change appears to be the original Archangel Group website,, as far back as 10 May 2007.  This is the same website that John Giduck used publicly to direct people to information about his website. Prior to this date, Archangel Group appears to have externally linked to the Terror At Belsan stand-alone website. Here what Archangel Group and John Giduck forst posted on 10 May 2007.

The timing of the “special forces” claim in 2007 also happens to fit the range of dates that evidence shows that John Giduck was working hard to build his false legend as a Special Forces soldier and US Army Ranger.  Note that this review still resides on the Archangel Group website as of this post.

John Giduck did recently attach the following disclaimer to the claim…in 2012.

DISCLAIMER: The above quote regarding John Giduck being “a former special forces soldier” is not true. Through an oversight on our development team the quote was posted unedited. It has recently been brought to our attention and the phrase will be edited out in 30 days time; however, first we want to publicly acknowledge and admit the oversight. Our apologies for the error.

Oversight of their development team that provably stayed uncorrected on the Archangel Group misleading people from May 2007 until they finally folded to uncomfortable pressure in the comments section of a SOCNETLies post dated 2 March 2012.  In short, John Giduck got away with misleading you and the tax paying public for almost five years because being called on allowing false claims to stand.  This is a guy that controls every bit of information about him.  His deflection of blame to his development team doesn’t pass any basic sniff test.  John Giduck saw it and left it.  Game, set, match.

Note that the review still exists on John Giduck’s Archangel Group website.

The Original Amazon Review Appears To Have Said That John Giduck Was A “Soldier” With No Mention Of Special Forces

Hmm…how can we be sure that Archangel Group likely changed the Amazon review as it appeared on the Archangel Group website when no archive of the Amazon review is available prior to 2009?  Unfortunately for John Giduck, at least one other website also syndicated the Amazon review for his book before the earliest Amazon archive in 2009 and the earliest Archangel Group website archive in  2007.  The website appears to be run by a fellow Coloradoan…and it has all of the same quotes as the other Amazon review syndicators.

Go ahead and look at the archived page link above. It’s apparent that just five months after the original review, this website copied the review word for word without changes.  The original review clearly did not use the words, “special forces” to describe john Giduck.

The evidence suggests that John Giduck and Archangel Group changed the original description on their website from “soldier” to “former Special Forces soldier” when they added the Terror At Beslan page in early 2007. My opinion and the evidence seems to supports that they asked J. Bierly to change his Amazon review sometime in 2009 in order to match theirs.  J. Bierly then appears to have changed or had someone  his review again to show “former soldier” sometime between 2010 and 2012 as uncomfortable questions were swirling about John Giduck’s actual credentials and background.

One thing for sure is that J. Bierly’s review was apparently edited twice and these edits only appear to have involved John Giduck’s credentials and claims.  Most importantly, is that the first change appears to be the work of Archangel Group themselves.  Of course, I view this lawsuit as a way to resolve these questions.  Let’s make J. Bierly part of the lawsuit’s discovery effort and depose him under oath. If necessary, we can put J. Bierly (who is fairly well known consultant) on the stand under oath and ask him some questions about the change, if he authorized the changes to his bio, and who asked him to make the changes.

So, let’s see if John Giduck still wants to maintain that he nor anyone else from Archangel Group ever said that John Giduck was Special Forces.  They appear to have made the change themselves and thus are the source of the lie and complicit as well as consensual in the claim of being Special Forces.

Who changes book reviews anyway?


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