Poor John Giduck.  the internet continues to belch the unhappy truths about his twisted life. This one provides more detail on how John Giduck’s responds to fear, uncomfortable questions, or perhaps even requests to explain his personal and professional conduct as a lawyer.

Some of us were serving our country in 1993 as either military members or as sworn law enforcement officers.

What was John Giduck doing in 1993?  According to one newspaper, John Giduck was fleeing.

Source:  Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph – Wednesday, December 22, 1993, Colorado Springs, Colorado

On a side note, note that Donna Yaklich’s original stories were not that she was abused…as John Giduck likes to claim. John Giduck was Donna Yaklich’s defense attorney that was, as Giduck claims, “helping her” during what the 1993 article describes as a romantic interlude before the trial.  Note from the same article that Yaklich’s  initial excuses has all of the trademarks of John Giduck’s own defense – deny, be presented with new evidence, transition to a new story, and attack.

But I digress….

The article uses the word, “fled”.  Fled is a strong word.  Fleeing can mean either “evading apprehension” or “running away out of fear”.  Should we really be expending tax dollars on an anti-terrorism “expert” that has done so for either reason?  I guess that John Giduck decided to leave that tidbit out of his presentations and speaker bios.

Not sure what excuse John Giduck will have to try to spin this to law enforcement professionals and conference organizers.  Is there an honorable reason why someone would need to flee?


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