The best thing about John Giduck being a public figure is that the bar for criticism about his claimed credentials and the credentials of which he consents for others to claim about him is quite high. Besides the ridicule that the US Supreme Courts says should be directed against those that claim false military credentials,  there is also the problem of unqualified consultants and trainers being paid with our tax dollars. John Giduck is one of those consultants.

The crux of this blog is that John Giduck wants you to see him as someone far more attractive than his experience and credentials actually are. As such, “charlatan” seems appropriate.

A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

You see, John Giduck says a lot of things.  In my opinion, some of them true and some of them…well…not so true.  Here is one thing he likes to say that the evidence doesn’t seem to support as  true – actually the statement in John Giduck’s own words, for once

I have never claimed to be more or less than I am: an author, researcher and trainer who has sought to stand in service to my country in our shared fight in the Global War on Terrorism in whatever ways I could.

– John Giduck  (as quoted on his mouthpiece blog dated 14 Feb 2012)

This post seeks to expose the hypocrisy of John Giduck’s statement above. In some ways, the American Public has a fundamental responsibility to openly question the wisdom of  contracting with charlatans. John Giduck has made far more claims and consented to having far more false claims about him in order to co-opt tax dollars from Homeland Security and local law enforcement.

John Giduck As “Russian Special Forces Consultant”

For example, John Giduck apparently forgot to add, “Russian Special Forces Consultant” to the list above among other things.  He even appeared on a TV show episode of “Weaponology – Spetsnaz” with that claim.  (claim is at 1:12 in the video)

The title in the image above reads “John Giduck – Russian Special Forces Consultant”. Do you suppose that the producers of the show simply made up his title?  Likely not.It most assuredly was a title provided by John Giduck.

Let’s look at what appears the sum total of John Giduck’s “experience and credentials” that he believes qualifies him to be called a Russian Special Forces consultant.

– Some hand to hand seminars and bodyguard marketed by John Giduck’s own company on a Russian military base in a summer camp atmosphere that included city tours

– A few one week military style adventure camps in Russia again marketed through John Giduck’s own company that included Russian military uniforms and a VITYAZ anti-terror certificate as souvenirs

– Several friendships and book related interviews with Russian special forces personnel and ongoing personal friendships with high level Russian intelligence officials

That’s it.  seriously. That’s it. You have just read the basis of John Giduck’s claims to be a Russian Special Forces consultant. Is it becoming more clear why John Giduck’s claimed experience and credentials are being scrutinized given that he is often paid with tax dollars?  Here are some other key points to consider when viewing John Giduck in the context of Russian Special Forces consultant:

– John Giduck never was a member of the Russian armed forces

– John Giduck never attended any actual Russian military courses or served with any Russian military unit as part of any official military, law enforcement, or intelligence  exchange program, training role, or advisory position.

– John Giduck has a language barrier as he doesn’t speak Russian very well at all

– John Giduck doesn’t hold any sort of Russian or US military security clearance so, by definition, the amount of secret information that he has about secret Russian special forces units isn’t first hand.

– John Giduck’s evidence consists of seemingly desktop published diplomas with traceable clip art  written in Google translate level Russian, photos easily proven to have been taken at the military adventure camps run by john Giduck himself,  and corroborating statements by the cabal of “usual suspects” that have equally chosen to sell their honor to their respective communities for a few pieces of silver: Archangel Group co-founder John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson and  Archangel Group consultant moonlighting as Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail. 

Heck. John Giduck might be the only “Special Forces consultant” in any country in the world that couldn’t complete their own country’s military basic training.  That’s a mighty exclusive group. Those in that group should form a LinkedIn group and name it, “Little Engines That Can’t”.   If John Giduck  couldn’t pass US Army basic training and be part of the 82% or so of recruits that successfully complete basic training each year, are we really supposed to believe that he could complete any Russian special forces selection course?  I guess overcompensation is the answer…big watches, big pickup trucks, big knives, and a romantic legend of being a shadowy consultant to Spetsnaz.  Yeah, right.

The Fundamental Questions About John Giduck’s Russian Credentials And Experience

Does attending a few weeks of  hand to hand courses and a few military style commercial adventure camps sponsored by one’s own company qualify someone to be a “Russian Special Forces consultant”?  John Giduck attended one week civilian summer camps with military adventure style training in Russia. John Giduck wants you to think that these were real Russian Spetsnaz courses and has photos that he shows website visitors as if they were real Russian military training.  but they weren’t real military training even if John Giduck’s own company provided the training and threw in the Russian military uniforms as ‘souvenirs” as part of the $3000 attendance fee.

Apparently, given John Giduck’s logic, everyone that has ever attended one of those Navy SEAL style adventure camps or even one of those fitness “bootcamps” run by former Drill instructors at their local gym is now qualified to claim the title of  “military consultant”. That is exactly the same approach that John Giduck is taking.

John Giduck lack of integrity spills over into his other academic and professional work as well.  Here are some examples:

– John Giduck wasn’t at the Beslan middle school “at the conclusion” of the final assault on the school either. John Giduck wants you to think that he was…but he was actually in the U.S. just like you and I were.

– John Giduck didn’t personally witness any dead bodies inside the Beslan school. John Giduck wants you to think that he did…but they were long gone by the time he arrived (if he actually did arrive in Beslan on 5 Nov 2004 which is doubtful) . That’s two full days in the best case scenario.  Every first hand observation in his book, Terror At Beslan, is now is question as a result.

Of course, John Giduck wants you to believe that he has only presented himself as an author, researcher, and trainer. That’s pure bunk. I wonder who still believes it.

Oh…and, since the bar for criticism is higher for public figures,  I’ll add that John Giduck throws like a girl.


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