POW Network listed military faker John Giduck makes claims to be a world class tactical trainer of law enforcement and special operations military units.  However, when we examine John Giduck fight against SOCNET, we can see that John Giduck doesn’t have the understanding or tactical tools to wage a successful campaign in his own interest. A reasonable person might ask, “if John Giduck can’t do be successful in his own interest, why would anyone hire him or his company, Archangel Group to teach his failed idea of tactics to their organization?”


This blog post will examine the failures of John Giduck’s tactical approach. In short, we’ll show why John Giduck couldn’t lead ants to a picnic.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

Today, we’ll look specifically at John Giduck’s inability to know himself.  Later this week, we’ll look at John Giduck’s complete lack of understanding of his “enemy”. If you understand Sun Tzu, you’ll know the outcome was in a sense, pre-determined.


For all of his bravado while railing against special forces soldiers (who by the way were his own clients) and all of the bravado that the handful of John Giduck’s supporters showed bravely through their anonymous participation on John Giduck’s mouthpiece website, John Giduck forgot, overlooked, or failed to consider his own weaknesses and areas of exposure.   This is a critical tactical error and one so fundamental that it can’t be chalked up to “being a simple mistake”

The slightest scrutiny of John Giduck reveals huge problems with his background for which John Giduck has never accounted for.  It’s like John Giduck went into battle without ever completing a self examination of his own capabilities and weaknesses and then just threw himself headlong into a frontal assault.  Is this the approach that you want for your org?

Let’s look at just some of the examples which John Giduck failed to consider.

Basic Training:  This weakness was purely John Giduck’s and was only brought to light as a result of John Giduck’s persistence in pursuing SOCNET.  I’d call John Giduck serving only 58 days in the US Army a weakness if someone is claiming to be a tactical trainer.  Clearly, this was a skeleton in John Giduck’s closet that perhaps only the members of his closest circle.  My opinion is that John Giduck never expected this whole hole in his false “spooky Russian trained Special Operation tough guy” legend to come to light and never had a plan to deal with the issue when it did.  We read about chest colds, broken bones, and other excuses from John Giduck, his mouthpiece site, and even John Giduck’s alleged online alter-ego, but none of these account for the reality of Basic Training. John Giduck isn’t the only person to ever get sick or even break a bone in Basic Training.  Almost everyone who has goes on to graduate…perhaps in a different class but it isn’t “normal” to be processed out for such ailments. John Giduck could have simply posted his proof and the issue likely would have died…but he didn’t.  This was a tactical error.

Evidence of Alleged Criminal Activity: John Giduck and his circle of friends like to toot their own horns and brag about their overseas training in places like the Sudan. The problem is that much of John Giduck’s and Andy Anderson’s  training can be shown to violate ITAR statutes and other US Federal laws. Think this doesn’t matter?  It apparently does to the US Government.  Then there are the problems and conflicts of interest in Chester, PA between Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and John Giduck. In what appears to the ordinary person as a more than a bit of “quid pro quo”, we have a serving public official (Joe Bail) accepting $20,000 gifts from a private contractor (John Giduck) for whom he worked as a consultant.  Throwing stones while in a glass house isn’t the best tactical approach in the world.

Multiple Timeline Issues: Timelines tend to be very important to law enforcement officers. Whether it’s John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan, time training with Spetsnaz, or John Giduck’s “years” of claimed terrorist hostage negotiations, John Giduck demonstrated that he has no qualms about lying about his timelines even when faced with evidence to the contrary. John Giduck can be placed in the US during much of this time and there is significant evidence that much of his “training” and “tactical experience” is primarily the result of one week commercial military style adventure camps with a resulting “certificate” in VITYAZ anti-terror training and operations.   Almost none of John Giduck’s training or operational timelines work given John Giduck’s biographical claims from 2001. Clearly when considering his own weaknesses, John Giduck apparently never considered certain things like that someone might question his VITYAZ certification which was really John Giduck’s only terrorism “credential” from 2005 until he received his PhD in 2011.  Other than that, he wrote a book and took some vacations.

Youtube Videos: If John Giduck’s background wasn’t laughable enough, the youtube videos that he posted of his fighting “prowess” and shovel twirling skills only showed that John Giduck has no idea about real world combat – hand to hand or otherwise. I’ve seen more realistic fight scenes while watching the Jets fight the Sharks in West Side Story. Watching an out-of-shape, barrel bellied guy talk out-of-breath while twirling a shovel like high school pom pom majorette did nothing to help John Giduck’s credibility with people involved in real tactical operations.

High Level Foreign Intelligence Contacts: Russian intelligence isn’t a friend to either the US military or US law enforcement.  They want information from both. Yet John Giduck boosts about such officials  coming to his house to party with close friends holding high level US Government security clearances. There are claims and photographic evidence of such activities. Claiming that such activities shouldn’t be reported was a huge tactical error and raises more questions about why John Giduck wouldn’t want such things reported.  Oh, and as pro bono attorney for a Special operations veterans association only helped build the case that John Giduck could have been working for the Russians for years. There is strong evidence that John Giduck may have a stronger allegiance for Russian soldiers than US soldiers.  Is this the type of person that, after leaving false claims uncorrected that John Giduck holds our nation’s highest security clearance,  should be sniffing around your organization?

Evidence That John Giduck Said That He Was SF: There are no shortage of organizations and people with whom John Giduck had professional relationships that later published on the internet that John Giduck was Special Forces. These “misunderstandings” spanned years and all seem very favorable to John Giduck’s legend. All have a common demoninator – John Giduck. Meanwhile, John Giduck could sheepishly claim that he knew nothing of such claims. That said, during the same timeframe, John Giduck through his horse holders appear to have been aggressively attacking anyone on the internet that published what John Giduck believed to be negative information about himself. John Giduck believed that people wouldn’t see this dichotomy once pointed out.  They did.

Donna Yaklich: John Giduck trains cops yet has an intimate history with a cop killer (or more specifically, someone who hired some men to kill her husband who was serving as an undercover police officer).  If that isn’t a weakness in a resume, I don’t know what is. Again, this a weakness of John Giduck’s own choices that was only exposed as John Giduck became more rabid in his attacks. Like his 58 days in the Army, John Giduck appears to have had no plan to deal with the Donna Yaklich issue except to issue some statement on his mouthpiece site that are completely unsupported in evidence (police say that the coroner found no evidence of steroids in Dennis Yaklich’s body, etc.)  It isn’t hard to make the point that John Giduck has made many poor decisions in his life that could easily impact his professional life later on when one accounts for Donna Yaklich and John Giduck subsequently fleeing to West Virginia afterwards.

Part 2 will look at John Giduck’s complete lack of understanding of the Special Forces community.  Sun Tzu was right..and John Giduck continues to prove his point.


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