On 3 Dec 2012, this blog had the most number of views ever in its history.  Many thousands of you read our post about the John Giduck’s lawsuit being dismissed. We managed to barely break a record that I was sure would not be broken.  It isn’t about us, however, it’s about the public exposure that phonies such as John Giduck and their henchmen such as John “Andy” Anderson, Joe Bail, et al get as a result of such posts.  Many thousands of readers were here on 3 Dec.  As a wise man once wrote, “that’s a lot of cops and commandos”.

Interestingly, John Giduck continues to show his true colors. As of this post, John Giduck neither apologized nor issued a statement thanking what few supporters he might have left. In short, it appears that John Giduck has thrown his supporters away like a kleenex that has been used.  And, in some ways, John Giduck’s supporters have been used.

I doubt that we should have expected anything different….