John Giduck wants you to believe he is a master of battle tactics with experience in multiple combat zones. He brought his best game to his battle with the Special Forces community and could only win second place (which still is a loser). Yesterday, we took a long, hard look at John Giduck’s tactics in the case. More specifically, Part 1 of this blog post examined how John Giduck failed to properly self-assess his own weaknesses.


As a reminder for the context of this post, Sun Tzu talked about knowing yourself and knowing your enemy.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

There is no other conclusion from Part 1 of this article that John Giduck didn’t know himself or the myriad weaknesses that he failed to acknowledge.  Now, let’s examine the “knowing the enemy” portion of Sun Tzu’s quote.


Today’s post will take a look at John Giduck’s tactical errors in understanding his “enemy” that he fought in court. John Giduck is the author of the book, The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life. One might think that, having written such a book, John Giduck might actually have some understanding of the community that he faced when filing a lawsuit against various members of that community. It is becoming clear that John Giduck has little, if any, real understanding of the community about which he wrote.

John Giduck Applied What He Thinks He Knows About The SOF Community: John Giduck isn’t the insider that he believes that he is to the SOF community. Let me begin with an example: visiting a firehouse once a month may give you some insight into firefighters but doesn’t make you one or make firefighters include you as a qualified member of their community. John Giduck seems to have started believing his own marketing materials and began to believe that his training and honorary memberships made him an insider to the SOF community. John Giduck thought himself as a cool guy but he was only “cool by association”. While John Giduck was able to milk these associations for personal profit to those that didn’t know any better, he really only had superficial insights into the community that he claimed to understand.

John Giduck Has Been Blinded By The Axe He Is Grinding:  I think that it fairly easy to say that John Giduck believes himself to be the “smartest guy in the room”.  Just ask him.  Within that context, one can only imagine how John Giduck felt when he could only endure 58 of US Army basic training and joined that elite group of basic training failures. Everything since that fateful day in the late 80s has been a huge overcompensation.  John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF so he  latched onto the legend of Russian Spetsnaz.  If John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF, he could demonstrate his self-perceived superiority by training them.  But in his “heart of hearts”, John Giduck has to be thinking, “how dare they throw ME out!”. John Giduck’s axe blade has been throwing sparks on the grinder of Special Forces for some time now effectively skewing his view of the SF community. Unfortunately, John Giduck brought this misguided air of superiority to the battle he fought. He assumed that he was superior and would “win”.  All that he did was add another failure to what appears to be a lifetime of failed efforts.  I guess John Giduck being voted “Most Temperamental” in his high school class was fairly prophetic.

John Giduck Has No Accurate Yardstick To Measure SF Guys:  John Giduck seems to believe that all SF guys are similar to the SF retiree obedient lapdogs and “yes men” that surround him. I’m referring to the usual suspects like John “Andy” Anderson, Beaver McCan, and MSG Hetrick.  These men seemed to have had no problem selling out the community from whence they came by participating in the “Big Lie” that is John Giduck (John “Andy” Anderson wrote that John Giduck is a military parachutist for instance likely knowing full well that John Giduck wasn’t) .  These guys have known the truth about John Giduck for a long time…and they chose to value the money that John Giduck brings them over brotherhood.  They also serve as active willing participants in providing legitimate credentials to support John Giduck’s attempts to fool the public about his background.

Well, as John Giduck discovered, the majority of SF guys aren’t that way.  They stood up, sent their own money rather taking money, and took risks to stand shoulder to shoulder with brothers that many didn’t even know personally. The Special Operation Association and Special Forces Association eventually took steps to flush John Giduck like the turd that he is out of their organizations.  People took stands online even at the risk of lawsuit threats.

Character shouldn’t be measured when things are easy; it can only be measured when there is something difficult at stake.  One can only hope that there will be an accounting at some point in the future for the actions of those that sold out their brothers and those that ran away and hid when the going got hard.

John Giduck Expected An Engagement On His Own Terms:  There is an expression in boxing, “Never hook with a hooker”. John Giduck not only tried matching wits with a community of career tacticians but also demostrated that he has no understanding or ability to deal with the asymmetric aspects of the battle that he fought…you know…the same ones that John Giduck claims expertise in.  The more that John Giduck fought the nameless, faceless, constantly shifting enemy, the more frustrated that he became and it showed.

I believe that John Giduck only understands two types of of tactics:  the frontal assault and attrition. These seem to be common themes in his academic and “tactical” writings.  They also showed in many facets including his approach in this situation. Both seemed to have worked before – John Giduck would make a legal threat or have one of his ball dusters such as Chester PA’s Police Commissioner write an article dismissing any criticism and the “enemy” would just fade away. If there is any single best indicator that John Giduck was completely out of his element, it was watching John Giduck flail wildly, whine, and cry over the past year while continuing to press forward in a completely self-destructive frontal assault against the entire SOF community.

John Giduck Could Have Easily Avoided All Of This Self Inflicted Damage To His Reputation: John Giduck has a knack for maintaining the low ground. The longer that John Giduck maintained that low ground, the more damaging information came to light about John Giduck’s background.  There were numerous opportunities for John Giduck to have simply acknowledged that he said certain things that weren’t true and apologized or, if he had done what he claimed, he could have taken 5 minutes with a camera phone, posted verifiable evidence on his mouthpiece blog, and allowed people to examine the evidence.  The SF community would have accepted real evidence from verifiable sources in the place of photoshopped “proof” and equally unverifiable endorsements from supporters. That said, John Giduck’s hubris won’t allow him to do either. For instance I believe that John Giduck has a visa stamp in his passport for his trip to Russia in 2004.  The available evidence and John Giduck’s own version of events don’t support a timeline with an arrival in Russia during early September 2004 like he claims. If John Giduck has such a visa approval, was all of this worth it?  Likely not.

Perhaps this two part blog post sheds more light on John Giduck’s lack of tactical capabilities. John Giduck may know the theory and mechanics of tactics but he doesn’t have the operational experience to have applied them successfully.  Yet, organizations continue to pay John Giduck (often with tax dollars) to sell his snake oil.

Perhaps it’s time to make a different set of decisions.  If not you, who?


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