Not even 4 hours after the tragic school shooting at the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown CT, John Giduck’s biggest (and only) supporter on this blog is already attempting to pimp John Giduck’s false credentials as being the solution to such issues.  Here is a screen capture from the admin console for Stephani’s comment left in the early afternoon shortly after the shooting:


The unapproved comment reads as follows:

CT shooting is an example of why we need people like John Giduck to figure out what we are going to do with school security so little children aren’t murdered.

This is the same AOL account that “Stephani” wrote from earlier this year supporting John Giduck.  The IP also traces back to Denver, CO.  Way to keep it classy, Stephani!

Here is an idea, “Stephani”: Today isn’t the day to be pimping anything….people are hurting. They’ve lost their children right before the holidays. Rather than selling John Giduck’s firehose assaults, schoolhouse gas conduit services, and shovel defenses on such a day, why not just STFU and save your “John Giduck can save the children” BS for some other day.  John Giduck isn’t a sworn law enforcement officer and doesn’t have military experience…leave that to people that actually have back and experience in such things.

It’s really unfortunate how people like John Giduck feed on and profit from the misery of days like today, particularly given the lies that John Giduck has told about his background, experience, and credentials.

John Giduck and his loyal sidekick, “Stephani”, disgust me….especially on days like today.

Edited to Add:  Turns out that not only Stephani is looking at the Conn. school shooting as a marketing opportunity for John Giduck.  Never mind that the premise of John Giduck is the highly unlikely scenario that AQ will take over a US school and require a response like Beslan but with fire hoses,  there are other John Giduck ball dusters that should know better that are quickly publishing artices recommending John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  It’s shameful that the first thing that John Giduck thinks of during these events is how he can market his book.  Of course, John Giduck also has a bunch of attorneys’ fees to cover these days as a result of losing his court case(s) against tose who told the truth about his background so perhaps John Giduck is simply desperate.


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