Dear LTC Grossman

I’m sure that you have some sort of Google alert set up for your name online so I’m confident that you are reading this. I watched you on Fox News this morning as you commented on the Sandy Hook incident. If I recall correctly, the Fox News caption read, “Fmr. West Point Psychology Professor” or something along those lines.

The fact that you taught at West Point made me wonder about your continuing relationship with and support of John Giduck given his years of providing false credentials and making no effort to correct false claims of service as a Special Forces soldier.  Every professor at our nation’s service academies learns about the honor code at some service academies or “honor concept” at others.

Here are some relevant parts taken from the West Point cadet Honor Code that set the stage for the questions that I have for you:

LYING: Cadets violate the Honor Code by lying if they deliberately deceive another by stating an untruth or by any direct form of communication to include the telling of a partial truth and the vague or ambiguous use of information or language with the intent to deceive or mislead.

You may have heard the term, “quibbling” while at West Point.  Quibbling is essentially the part highlighted above in bold.  Can you honestly say that John Giduck has been truthful about his background and credentials?

West Point also has the very famous three rules of thumb which you must have applied in cases while a professor at West Point.  All readers of this post should apply them to the information uncovered about John Giduck.

Three rules of thumb

1. Does this action attempt to deceive anyone or allow anyone to be deceived?

2. Does this action gain or allow the gain of privilege or advantage to which I or someone else would not otherwise be entitled?

3. Would I be dissatisfied by the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action?

So, my question to you, LTC Grossman, is why do you continue to support John Giduck when at best he’s quibbled and at worst, outright lied about his background and experience.  Worse yet, given that I’ll take you at face value that what you said on Fix is true and that you are indeed this nation’s #1 law enforcement trainer, there are only two options for your support of John Giduck

Option #1: John Giduck has lied to you about his background, experience, and credentials. You are an unwitting participant in his charade.  You also were unaware that John Giduck’s initial timeline for his arrival in Beslan has already been proven to be false and that his current timeline for arrival in Beslan on 5 Sept 2004 is equally improbable.  In this case, you simply to renounce your support of John Giduck, stop selling his books at your events, and move on.

Option #2: You’ve been aware of the truth for at least some parts of John Giduck’s charade as a counter terrorism trainer and that John Giduck had essentially no recognized terrorism credentials at all prior to his 2011 PhD. Perhaps you knew that he failed to complete basic training or that his claimed Russian counter terrorism credentials were actually gained during one week military style adventure camps in Russia. Perhaps you also knew that John Giduck was claiming to be a Ranger in his seminar bios.  If so, do the right thing and come clean and maintain some vestige of integrity if this this is the case.

I can’t think of any other case or option to consider

My point is that I want to believe that you’ve been fooled and that you feel as offended as EVERY OTHER qualified Ranger outside of John Giduck’s group of ball dusters that he’s claimed something that you worked hard to earn.  I also want to believe that you took something away from West Point beyond just a resume bullet to be shown on Fox News.  Your support of a charlatan like John Giduck reflects poorly on you and any continued support makes it appear that you are a party to the fakery.

Here is your chance to do the right thing…


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