Dave Grossman not only has a close supportive friendship with John Giduck but also a business relationship.  Dave Grossman has sold John Giduck’s books at his seminars and also routinely recommends John Giduck as an alleged authority on school shootings such as the Sandy Hook tragedy.

One has to wonder on this Christmas Eve if Dave Grossman is a willing participant in John Giduck’s apparent circle of friends involved in alleged crimes and foreign intelligence connections.

Here is what we know about John Giduck and his friends:

High Level Foreign Intelligence Contacts: John Giduck has a reoccurring habit of introducing his close friends and business associates such as John “Andy” Anderson to high level Russian intelligence officials often at John Giduck’s residence.  Has Dave Grossman been introduced to these Russian friends as well?

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ITAR Violations: There is strong evidence that John Giduck has violated US and international ITAR statutes by providing defense consulting to various foreign entities without the required license from the US Department of State.  There is even a “smoking gun” in the form of a conversation captured by a journalist in which John “Andy” Anderson and John Giduck clearly (and stupidly) are providing defense consulting services to rebel groups in the Sudan.

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Violations of the PA State Ethics Act: John Giduck and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail appear to have intentionally violated the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act in the form of gifts to Joe Bail’s Police Dive Team in excess of $20,000.  Worse yet, the evidence seems to show that this gift is an honorarium for consulting services provided to John Giduck’s company, Archangel Group, for consulting performed by Joe Bail himself.

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John Giduck’s Associations With A Group That May Have Bombed A US Embassy:  Someone out there help me figure out how Dave Grossman of all people could be supportive of someone like John Giduck who has deep connections into a group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy. Perhaps there is some truth to Dave Grossman’s seemingly baseless assertion that “John Giduck is one our nation’s leading experts on Terrorism” after all when we factor in John Giduck’s self admitted ties to such groups. This being that John Giduck had no verifiable or recognized terrorism credentials prior to 2011.   Could it be that Dave Grossman knew of these ties before the rest of us did?

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John Giduck’s Sexual Relationship With A Woman Known To Have Planned The Murder Of A Police Officer: This is another well documented incident that makes me wonder about what Dave Grossman is thinking in terms of John Giduck.  Dave Grossman sells his services to law enforcement yet maintains and promotes a relationship with John Giduck who, as a defense attorney, ran off to Jamaica to apparently sex up a client of his.  This woman, Donna Yaklich, paid two men to kill her husband who was a Pueblo CO undercover law enforcement officer

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Violations of FARA Statutes: If John Giduck actually did receive intelligence and counter surveillance training  in Russia as he has claimed on multiple documented occasions and did not properly register with the US Attorney’s office, John Giduck would be in violation of Federal FARA statutes.

– John Giduck’s Allegiances Towards The Russian Military:  John Giduck has demonstrated clear allegiances to his Russian military friends.  This includes blurring out Russian military intelligence officials while at the same time exposing the personal details of serving US Special Forces soldiers.

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John Giduck’s Claims To Be A US Army Ranger: Dave Grossman is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School.  Why isn’t he just kicking John Giduck’s lying punk ass for making similar claims?

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John Giduck has clearly involved other close friends and business associates in his “reindeer games”.   Any reasonable person has to wonder where does LTC Dave Grossman fit into all this given his unwavering support in the face of all this evidence?

LTC Grossman?